How To Get Lots Of Shards (Money) In Battleborn Tap

How To Get Lots of Shards In Battleborn Tap
Launching alongside the highly anticipated Battleborn is a free-to-download app available on iOS and Android, Battleborn Tap. This how to get lots of shards (money) in Battleborn Tap guide will list a variety of tips and tricks to gather as much Shards as possible so you can get all the achievements, level up your characters and rush through to Prestige in no time.

Much like other mobile phone games there’s no instant mechanic to becoming a Shard millionaire but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to maximize the amount of Shard’s you earn per run.

How To Get Lots Of Shards  In Battleborn Tap

The first trick involves looking out for this guy, a small ship that flies across the top of the screen during rounds. As well as being fantastic for earning lots of free Credit’s in Battleborn Tap, this little ship can also be a great way of earning lots of Shards. Make sure you tap it on the screen whenever you see it appear. It will either offer an advert for 5-10 Credits, drop down buffs that mean you clear waves much quicker and get more Shards, and sometimes even drop a ton of Shards directly into the fight.

Another trick, although an obvious one, is to leave your device on. Even if you’re not actually playing the game or you’ve closed the app, your characters in Battleborn Tap will continue to kill enemies (except for boss battles) and earning you lots of Shards.

Purchasing packs and opening the free pack every 30 minutes can be another way to earn lots of Shards. The Rare and Epic packs do cost Credits but check out our how to get Credits fast guide in Battleborn Tap for more help there. Otherwise you want to save your packs until you’re on level 10+. The higher the level when you open the Rare and Epic packs, the more Shards you get when you open them. It’s not always Shards but you can get a few trillion easy at higher levels.

The Shards that you earn through the flying ship, packs and enemy kills increase depending on what level you’re on. Thus rushing through the levels as quickly as possible is another great way to earn lots of Shards fast. The best way to do this is to pick characters that can wipe out multiple waves with their ultimate abilities. Remember, the amount of Shards it costs to upgrade and improve characters increases depending on when you purchase them. So the first Battleborn you buy will cost the least to level up, while the last will cost the most.

So to maximize the amount of Shards you can earn through leveling you want to pick up AoE Battleborn as early as possible. I would suggest always picking Miko as your first Battleborn as he can heal your entire team and his ultimate ability can easily take up 20 levels by itself. Simply put down his ultimate ability and tap the screen as quick as you can, you’ll often find you clear 18 waves of enemies and finish off two bosses before it runs out.

The next Battleborn you’ll want to buy is Rath. Like Miko his ultimate ability can quite easily dispatch 20 levels before it expires, making it very simple and fast to level up quickly and get lots more Shards.

Any tips or tricks to share? Post a comment below!

  • Chris

    Galilea and Thorn get equipment that gives shards per hit. At higher levels each shard provides more and more. At level 71 the tiny shards are giving over 15T. So, when you level your BattleBorn, take the shards per hit option.

    Also, don’t level your tap button if you are going to leave your game running. The shards you spend to level it up can be spent on your BB and any damage you deal to the enemy will take away hits from those BB who have shards per hit (thus losing you more shards).

    I took Galilea, Thorn, Rath, Phoebe, and then Miko Last (you won’t need healing until higher levels anyway). Galilea, Phoebe, Rath, and Miko’s ultimate abilities hit multiple waves (Thorn is just there for the shard on hit equipment).

    • Valdimarian

      Benedict also has a Shard Drop item (Bounty Rounds), same as Thorn and Galilea.

      I prefer Benedict and Thorn’s insta-gib powers since they can take out whole boss waves at a time. At high levels (70+) you can fire one off, nuke a boss, then wait 5 minutes before hitting the next boss, nuke it with the other’s power, and by the time you reach a 3rd boss you’ve recharged. Unfortunately once you hit really high levels (90+) you may need to blow both high damaging Ubers at once.

      A side note: Whiskey Foxtrot has perhaps the WORST Uber in the game, only doing x2 base damage for a certain amount of time. Everyone else’s Uber damage is based off the Team DPS, not a single character’s.

      • Chris

        Yes, my party is Galilea, Rath, Miko, Thorn, and Benedict. Galilea/Rath/Miko for their wave clears (and Galilea’s Shard Drop equipment) and Thorn/Benedict for their boss kill (and Shard Drop equipment).

        Phoebe and Oscar Mike are alteratives to Rath, but his ult is just too damn good.