How To Get Past Invert Spike Traps In Bloodstained

How To Get Past Invert Spike Traps In Bloodstained
Where do you go after you get invert? Through the spikes. This guide will tell you How To Get Past Invert Spike Traps In Bloodstained as the solution to this puzzling riddle is hidden away atop the tallest tower.

After you unlock Invert, you can invert gravity on your character as you please. This makes the ceiling the floor and the floor the ceiling, allowing for access to previously inaccessible areas. Once such area is inside the first large room of the Castle Entrance, the massively tall room where the rubble falls from the ceiling at the start of the game.

How To Get Past Invert Spike Traps In Bloodstained

How To Get Past Invert Spike Traps In Bloodstained
If you invert in that room you can explore the ceiling and eventually come across rows and rows of spike traps. To get past these Spike traps, you need a special piece of equipment. Head to the Tower Of Twin Dragons. Stand below where I am standing above then invert. This will take you to the side and top of Tower Of Twin Dragons, where there’s a single chest.

Loot the chest for the Aegis Plate. This special suit of armor makes you immune to all trap damage. Now you can simply walk across the spikes and progress.

Update: Appears there’s some confusion with my original post. You need to stand in the area marked by the red square on this image below. Then use invert.

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