How To Get The Dragon Balls In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

How To Get The Dragon Balls In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you will be able to get the Dragon Balls to make a wish. In order to make a wish you will need to get all 7 of the Dragon Balls first. Check out this guide to find out How To Get The Dragon Balls In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

How To Get The Dragon Balls In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

You will get a few of the Dragon Balls by facing Time Patrollers in the city, but not all of them. Instead you will have to farm some missions and face other Time Patrollers there, just like the original Xenoverse. They are rewarded when you face harder Time Patrollers, not easier ones. For instance if you are level 50 and doing 1 star missions, odds aren’t great on getting a Dragon Ball. However if you are level 10 and doing a 1 star mission that has Patrollers, the odds are much greater. If you face some and don’t get a Dragon Ball, retry and try again. You will know you got one when it says Key Item Acquired after beating a Patroller.

Here are the missions you can find Time Patrollers on.

1 Star
Prepare For the Attack of the Saiyans – After beating the first wave of fighters, look near Kami’s place and you will see a group of Patrollers you can fight.

2 Star
Burst Open and Mix! – If you get the bonus by clearing the mission in 10 minutes a Time Patroller will spawn. It is only one, and he is normally pretty easy to take down.

3 Star
Fierce Battle Ginyu Force – Anyone who played the original probably remembers this one. Spawn in, search near the house, fight the time Patrollers and if they drop the Dragon Ball, beat the mission.

The Explosion Of Namek – Another classic but more useful when you had to level up your Masters to get their moves, I prefer the Fierce Battle Ginyu still.

4 Star
Return Of Ginyu Force! – This is the one I actually used at level 60 to collect 4 Dragon Balls in about 6 attempts. Right when you spawn in you can see if there is a Patroller or not and you can fight them before you even do anything else on the mission. So far this is the best way to farm them for me.

I am updating this as I go so check back soon for more missions!

  • Rebecca Hailen

    By Making an Alt and playing till Elder Kai is by the Academy (after first story battle), you can fight Sanud, she will ALWAYS give you a Dragon Ball, by making alts, fighting her and then deleting the alt and making more alts you can quickly farm the Dragon Balls.

    • Goldpenny’s Graffix

      Yeah no. That way to much work. When the “cheat” takes more time and enegry than just playing the actual game…well…that’s just dumb.

      • Rebecca Hailen

        It’s actually a lot quicker to do then you think. Full Power Energy Volley is actually an overpowered starting power if you know how to use it. An with the lessened load times, it’s very quick to do. It just sounds long.

    • Leon Evelake

      Yeah I tried this out
      It’s as effective as it is boring.

  • BaSiQ5

    I got the Six Star Dragon Ball by doing the Nutz gang quest line. It starts off in the mushroom area of Conton City with a fight against 3 Patrollers (Moheloya, Saizer, and Seino). A bit after that, you’ll have to fight another trio in the same area (Shokuro,Goyan, and Nejima). After that, you fight Mitsuba in a 1v1, and then Barack after that (Also 1v1). All these Quest events take place in the Mushroom area, and upon defeating Barack I was awarded with the Six Star Dragonball. Hope this helps.

  • Draekros

    PQ4 “Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans!” is by far the best way to farm dragon balls. You get 3 Time Patrollers who each have a chance to drop a ball. Also their levels are quite random, so you could be fighting L80 Patrollers when you’re a low level. The 1st part of the mission is pretty easy (defeat Krillin, Yamcha & Tien – unless you’re really low level) so if you don’t see “Key Item Acquired” appear you can just retry the mission to reset the RNG for the Patroller drops. Once you get the drop, the rest of the mission is a cake walk. I’ve not managed to get 3 dragon balls at once yet, but I have got 2 dragon balls from that mission several times. Seems it’s harder to get the last couple of balls if you have a lot of them already 🙁

  • Goldpenny’s Graffix

    Be nice to know which missions you have to do to unlock the missions you’ve listed. So much for your real talent being in making comprehensive guides I guess.

    • Ramsay Bolton

      He listed Parrallel Quests, dumbass.