How To Get To Asgard Tower In God Of War

How To Get To Asgard Tower In God Of War
In your mission to light the braziers you may find yourself struggling to climb to Asgard’s Tower. This guide will tell you How To Get To Asgard Tower In God Of War so that you can finally light all the braziers and get the enchantment to help kill the Valkyries.

Once you have unlocked both realm languages by completing the realm favors, you can translate the text and light the fires on all the Braziers. All of them are very easy to get to and reach bar one, the Asgard Tower. If you dock at the base of the tower you will discover that the lift does not work from the bottom level. You somehow need to reach the top. Follow the steps below to reach Asgard Tower.

Step #1

Step 1
Travel to the Isle of Death and climb to the top part with the ruined boat. Look over toward the Asgard Tower, North, and climb down to the left of the large wooden structure.

Step #2

After you climb down you will see three wooden platforms with gold discs sitting on top. You need to throw your axe to spin the first platform clockwise. This lowers the platform. You need to lower it below your current level to use the rope to zip down.

Step #3

Once you are on the platform use the switch at the side of the platform to raise it back to its maximum height. Repeat the same steps on the next two platforms and then follow the path to reach Asgard Tower.

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