How To Get Tome Of Conquest And Fight OD In Bloodstained

How To Get Tome Of Conquest And Fight OD In Bloodstained
OD is a secret boss battle in Bloodstained that is quite difficult to unlock. This guide will tell you How To Get Tome Of Conquest And Fight OD In Bloodstained which includes details on the objectives you must complete to unlock the Tome and face the boss.

OD is post-game content. As such, it’s a challenging as hell fight. Bring your best. There are two main objectives you must complete before you can challenge OD to a fight. Firstly, complete the game. This requires you get the proper ending by defeating the final boss. Your save file should have a “Clear” stamp to mark its completion. Secondly, you need to explore enough map to be at 99%. Any less, you cannot do it.

Once you have completed the game and have 99%+ of the map explored, return to OD at the Library. There is a new book to take out, the Tome of Conquest. Take the book out, OD will be very persistent about reminding you to return it.

How To Get Tome Of Conquest And Fight OD In Bloodstained

Fight OD In Bloodstained
Once you have the book fast travel to the Glacial Tomb. You will find OD sitting in the next room to my left in the above image. Once you are inside, he will be upset you never returned the book and try to take you down.

That’s how to fight OD and get the Tome of Conquest. Any questions? Post a comment below.

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