How To Increase Knowledge In Persona 5 Social Stats Guide

How To Increase Knowledge - Persona 5 Social Stats Guide
Persona 5 features a Social Stats system that includes a variety of different stats that can be raised to aid in various social aspects of the game. These can impact different situations at school, when performing part-time jobs or even when engaging in other activities. This guide will tell you how to increase Knowledge in Persona 5.

How To Increase Knowledge In Persona 5

Below is a list of all the events and activities we’ve encountered that help to increase your Knowledge in Persona 5. Listed is the actual event/activity itself followed by the date of when the activity becomes available. Sometimes activities may be available earlier or later depending on your progression.

  • Read Specific Books (Check out our Persona 5 Book Guide for all the book locations and rewards)
  • Answering questions at school
  • Reading a book at the school library or at the coffee shop
  • Studying at one of the booths at the coffee shop
  • Studying at the Taiheido Restaurant. Go on a rainy day and order the Nostalgia Steak for huge bonuses

We’re updating this with ways to increase Knowledge in Persona 5 as we progress through the game so check back soon for updates.

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