How To Jump In Outriders

How To Jump In Outriders
There are certain parts of the Outriders map that makes it look like you need to jump. This guide on How To Jump In Outriders will teach you how to reach these locations as the ability to actually jump, at least in the traditional sense, is not in the game. There is no button that you can press to make you jump anywhere, just specific locations.

There is a quite famous scene from the demo where players had to jump a small bridge. In a future area, just past the First City, there is another bridge that looks very similar. In the original bridge, as you approached, the game prompted you to press and hold the interact button, Square or X on controllers. This prompted a rather unnecessary cut-scene, showing the character jumping over a bridge only to load again as the game loads a new area.

How To Jump In Outriders

Jump In Outriders
If you’ve discovered the snowy bridge in the Eagle Peaks, you may find yourself unable to cross the bridge and wondering if you forgot the jump key. You have not. You cannot jump on command and unfortunately, at least when you first reach the snowy area of Eagle Peaks, that particular bridge is locked. There is no way to get over the gap, be it jumping or another method, until a little later.

Once you finish Eagle Peaks, after the big boss fight, speak with the Commander of the camp again to unlock the next story mission. Then speak with her again and she will give you a new side quest called Divine Intervention. This side quest will take you back to the snow bridge, now allowing you to jump over.

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