How To Pick Up Items In Shenmue 3

How To Pick Up Items In Shenmue 3
Notice small red auras around items on the floor? This guide tells you How To Pick Up Items In Shenmue 3 as although it’s a very simple mechanic in design an execution, it’s a little outside of the norm and may leave some players a bit confused.

Immediately after leaving the cave at the start of the game in Shenmue 3, you’re able to find and collect items scattered across the ground. These can be flowers, herbs, there’s a variety of items that you will encounter on your lengthy adventure through the game.

How To Pick Up Items In Shenmue III

Collecting items off the ground is a bit strange in Shenmue 3, but it’s vital if you want to complete Herb Maps and other collectible achievements for some good money return. Items you can pick up are limited, so you don’t need to run around holding L2 the entire time, just when you see the glowing aura around an item that can be collected.

Once you see an item with the aura, this can also be used to interact with desks and such, Hold L2 and look at the item. This will zoom in on the item, you can then press X to pick it up and put it in your bag.