How To Reach Adult In Maneater Guide

How To Reach Adult In Maneater Guide
Sick of being a stroppy teenage shark and want to reach adulthood? This How To Reach Adult In Maneater Guide will tell you the steps you must meet in order to grow through the teen aging stage of the shark into an adult, granting access to higher tiered abilities and more basic stats.

Progressing through to Teen is very quick and acts as much of the tutorial setting of the game. Progressing to adult takes a bit more time but it brings with it more bonuses and improvements. You will eventually reach Adulthood and then gain access to higher stats as well as the opportunity to break down Adult only gates so you can explore more areas and unlock more collectible items, in turn giving access to more evolution options and mutagens.

How To Reach Adult In Maneater Guide

In a nutshell, you need to be level 10. That’s all that’s required to become an Adult. It may also be restricted based on your area but with the little experience points you receive for non-mission activities, it’s unlikely you will reach level 10 before Golden Shores. If you’re already in Golden Shores, level 10 will be enough to reach Adult. If you’re level 10 in the Dead Horse Lake and there’s still no Adult option, progress through to Golden Shores.

Once you reach level 10 you will notice a small icon next to your experience bar in the bottom right. This represents the ability to age up to the next age. You cannot do it in the open world, you must return to a Grotto. Any Grotto is fine. As long as you’re not in combat you can simply select a Grotto on the main map and then Fast Travel directly back, saving you a few minutes of travel time.

And that’s how to become an Adult in Maneater. Be sure to check out details on how to become an Elder next.

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