How To Unlock Blueprints In Anthem

How To Unlock Blueprints In Anthem
Blueprints allow you to craft better weapons and gear for your Javelin, but where do you get them? This guide will tell you How To Unlock Blueprints In Anthem so you can craft items of all varieties including Uncommon, Rare and more.

After a short journey into the main story of Anthem you will unlock the ability to craft items. Once you have all the crafting materials you need, you can craft the desired item in the Forge. However, as well as Crafting Materials you also require blueprints before you are able to craft any items.

How To Unlock Blueprints In Anthem

At the beginning of the game, you have access to some very basic blueprints. However, these are of common rarity so they are very weak compared to the items you will find when exploring the world. As you increase in Javelin level, you will need to craft much better gear using rarer blueprints.

There are some Strongholds and special events that have a small chance of rewarding blueprints but for the most part, you will want rarer blueprints that allow you to craft better gear so you can complete more difficult content. The best way to unlock new blueprints in Anthem is Reputation.

Our Reputation Guide tells you everything you need to know about how Reputation works. Each of the three different factions offer different items. Freelancer Reputation provides you with access to better ammo gears, Arcanist Reputation gives better weapon blueprints and Sentinel Reputation provides access to better abilities.

That’s How To Unlock Blueprints In Anthem.

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