How To Unlock Link & Zelda In Cadence Of Hyrule

You can play as different characters in Cadence of Hyrule, including the legendary Link. This guide will tell you How To Unlock Link & Zelda In Cadence Of Hyrule as, at the very beginning of the game, you are not able to play as Link or Zelda.

It is worth noting that you can unlock all of the playable characters, regardless of what you choose at the start of the game. If you choose Link at the start of the game, you must unlock Zelda. If you chose Zelda at the start, you must unlock Link.

There is a choice at the start where you choose Link or Zelda. The character you choose becomes your primary character.

How To Unlock Link & Zelda In Cadence Of Hyrule

You need to head to Kakariko Village. The overworld map is randomized at the start of each play through so you will have to search for Kakariko Village. It seems to be either in the South East or North West corner most frequently.

Once there you will find the hero you haven’t chosen sleeping in a bed. A nearby old man tells you that he needs a Hibiscus Potion to wake them up. Head to the graveyard in Kakariko and push the largest gravestone. This will reveal a hidden dungeon.

Head into the dungeon and reach the boss. The boss is Shadow Link. Once you’ve killed him, you can return to the sleeping hero and unlock either Link or Zelda.

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