How To Unlock The Dark Zone In The Division 2

How To Unlock The Dark Zone In The Division 2
The Dark Zone PvP is one of The Division 2’s most challenging and rewarding activities, but it’s locked at the start. This guide will tell you How To Unlock The Dark Zone In The Division 2 as you need to complete a few missions and objectives before you’re able to participate in the PvP of The Division 2.

There are three different areas of The Dark Zone, DZ East, DZ South and DZ West. Each area is different in terms of environment and areas to explore but each is the same in regards to level restrictions. However, you also need to complete specific missions before you are able to enter any of the different Dark Zone areas.

How To Unlock The Dark Zone In The Division 2

You aren’t able to participate in The Dark Zone PvP in The Division 2 until roughly level 10. Although, you are able to complete the objectives before then. Travel to The Theater Settlement and speak with the NPC at the Settlement Progress Desk. Here you will see the current level and available improvements for The Theater.

In order to participate and unlock The Dark Zone you need to reach level 3 with The Theater Settlement. First you must recruit Inaya and Grace and then complete the final objectives to recruit Senait Ezera. Once you have completed all these steps, speak with Senait at The Theater Settlement and she will join your staff roster.

Once she has joined, you receive a mission. Complete this mission to unlock The Dark Zone.

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