How To Unlock The F1 Car (Mugello Farina Duo) In Just Cause 3

How To Unlock The F1 Car (Mugello Farina Duo) In Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3 is filled with awesome and explosive vehicles that you can unlock but few can boast the incredible speeds of the F1 Car (Mugello Farina Duo). This car will show you where you need to go and what you need to do to unlock the F1 Car in Just Cause 3.

  • The Formula 1 Car can be found inside the Baia region
  • The nearest fast travel location is the Salrosa Sprint challenge, that is just a short distance South East of the Mugello Farina Duo spawn location
  • Fast travel to the Salrosa Sprint. When you load in you will see a small dirt road behind you that leads up to a normal road. Follow the dirt road to the main road
  • You should see the wreckage of a truck & trailer on the side of the road
  • The F1 Car (Mugello Farina Duo) can be found directly next to the wreckage

If you destroy the vehicle or otherwise lose it in your travels it will always spawn in this exact location so you can come back and get it whenever you want. You can also store the vehicle in your garage as you do with other cars so that you can call it in as an airdrop from the Rebels.

If you do not see the car at this location, it is possible that it hasn’t loaded in correctly. Try restarting the game and repeating the steps above. Alternatively, the vehicle can also spawn in other locations across the same road. Check the map image below, the vehicle can spawn along the road marked by the blue trail.

Where To Find The F1 Car (Mugello Farina Duo) In Just Cause 3

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