How To Unlock The New Subclass For The Hunter In Destiny: The Taken King

How To Unlock The New Subclass For The Hunter In Destiny: The Taken King
The New Subclass for the Hunter in Destiny is called the Nightstalker. In order to call yourself a Nightstalker, you will have to complete a quest line. This guide will help you beat the quest and become the Nightstalker with no trouble at all!

How To Unlock The Nightstalker Subclass In Destiny: The Taken King

After you beat the first part of The Taken King quest line, you can return to the Tower and get the quest The Nightstalker’s Trail. You can get this quest from the Hunter Vanguard Quartermaster. This quest has to be done solo on Venus.

For this mission you will have to fight your way to the objective marker. Once you are there you will have to hold the line against the Vex for awhile. This literally is just you killing Vex until a timer runs out. If you feel like you are being overwhelmed, pop your ult and use some heavy weaponry. After you beat all the Vex waves you will get a second objective. Now you need to locate a dead ghost and scan it.

Here you will find Tevis and you will unlock the Nightstalker Subclass. You will have to use it to defeat some enemies and avenge Tevis. Go wild with you new abilities and complete it. After you complete it, return to the Tower to turn it in and to get a new piece of class armor.

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