How To Unlock The New Subclass For The Warlock In Destiny: The Taken King

How To Unlock The New Subclass For The Warlock In Destiny: The Taken King
The Stormcaller in the new subclass for the Warlock in The Taken King. You will have to earn the right to be called a Stormcaller. This guide will help you unlock the Stormcaller subclass in Destiny: The Taken King.

How To Unlock The Stormcaller Warlock Subclass In Destiny

You will have to do the first part of The Taken King quest in order to unlock this quest. The quest is called The Stormcaller’s Path and you can get it from the Warlock Vanguard Quartermaster. This is a single player quest and you will be facing Vex and Cabal.

Use your Ghost to help you find out where you are going. I was already level 34 so I was easily able to fly through without dying. If you aren’t that high of a level, fight your way through until you reach the barrier. The barrier will have 3 elite Hobgoblins that spawn. You will have to kill them in order to open the barrier. I just used my Rocket Launcher on them and quickly got through it.

After you go through the barrier you will have to deal with a large Vex enemy that has a shield, the name of the unit escapes me at the moment. Pretty simple, toss nades, target the weak spot and use your ultimate when you are ready. After you beat him you will get the second part of the quest, Bottle The Arc.

For this part you will have to go to three points and meditate in them. Each time you will have to defend yourself from some Vex while the meter charges up. It isn’t that difficult to take care of them, use your super if you have to. After you get all three you will unlock the Stormcaller sub class and have to use it. Prepare to feel stronger than you ever have before in Destiny. Run ,with your special refilling rapidly, and lay waste to the Vex.

After that return to the Tower for an extra reward. This would be a good time to use those quests you’ve been saving up from before The Taken King hit!

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