How To Win Drag Races In The Crew 2

How To Win Drag Races In The Crew 2
Drag Races in The Crew 2 offer an exciting and rewarding change of pace. This guide will tell you How To Win Drag Races In The Crew 2 by walking you through each of the different stages of the Drag Races, providing hints and tips on getting the most from your machine.

Each Drag Race can be divided into four different categories that you must master in order to achieve victory against the most difficult opponents. The Burn, The Start, Gear Change and Boost usage are the vital aspects that each Drag Race shares. Below is a brief breakdown of how to master each stage so you can win Drag Races in The Crew 2.

Stage One: The Burn

Stage One The Burn
Arguably the single most important aspect of the Drag Race. If you fail this step, even a superior vehicle will leave you struggling. You need to hold the accelerator until the accelerator bar meets the two lines. Once it does, the entire bar will turn green. You need to remain in this green area to get a perfect boost.

It’s worth noting that the length of time you are in the sweet spot is irrelevant. As long as you are there when the last seconds run off the clock, you will get a perfect burn start.

Stage Two: The Start

Stage Two: The Start
This is one of the more difficult aspects to master but it provides a massive boost of speed at the early stages of the race. As the countdown to the race begins, you need to press and hold the accelerator just before the last circle displays. You will hear a beep for each circle, 1, 2, 3, then pause for a very brief moment and accelerate. If done correctly you will notice a Perfect Start notification at the bottom.

Mastering this step will allow you to complete almost all of the Drift Race challenges without error, even if you let slip on a couple of gear changes.

Stage Three: Gear Change

Stage Two: The Start
Gear Changes allow your vehicle to accelerate and reach top speeds quicker. You need to use the gear change buttons as highlighted on your screen during this phase. In a very similar way to the Burn phase, you need to accelerate until your meter matches the two bars. Once it does, it will turn green. This is when you need to initiate a gear change to get a perfect, which is displayed in a notification at the bottom of the screen.

While the first one or two gear changes can be difficult, due to the fast acceleration of the vehicle, the latter gear changes are easier. While it may seem a bit chaotic to start with, it’s very easily picked up.

Stage Four: Boost

Stage Four Boost
The final aspect of ensuring victory in drag races is correct usage of your boost. While boosting early can allow you to change gears quicker, it often results in losing a perfect change. The slight drop in acceleration as the car shifts is also an issue. As such, I have found it best to boost towards the very end. Either after you have reached your top gear, or just seconds before. This will allow you to reach your maximum speed most efficiently.

That’s How To Win Drag Races In The Crew 2. If you need any further help, post a comment below.

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