How To Increase Friendship & Relationships In The Sims Mobile

How To Increase Friendship & Relationships In The Sims Mobile
As with previous games in The Sims franchise the social aspects of the game are very important. This guide will tell you how to increase friendship and relationships in The Sims Mobile so you can complete Daily & Life Goals, fulfill all your hobbies and master your careers. After all, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The socializing in The Sims Mobile is similar to previous games in the sense that you have to invest time and energy into other Sims if you hope to forge friendships, enemies or even get lucky with some Woohoo. However, the exact systems working behind the scenes are a little different and may confuse some long-term Sims fans.

The first stage in forging a relationship with another Sim is the dreaded introduction. That perfect foot in your mouth opportunity. Thankfully The Sims does away with the sweaty palms and potential to make a complete fool of yourself, so the introductory part is rather simple. Whenever you meet a Sim and you are not on a Career Event, you can interact with that Sim and choose introduction. This opens that Sim up for contact and future opportunities regarding social activities. Once you have been introduced you also unlock the option to invite friends to your house in The Sims Mobile.

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Once you have created the initial bond it’s very much just a time investment. Socializing with another Sim requires energy, the most valuable resource in The Sims Mobile. Unlike other needs, such as using the toilet or eating a meal, energy typically takes a lot longer to refill. An hour will fill your energy bar in the basic bed you start with. Typically it can cost anywhere between 1 and 4 energy to interact with another Sim.

As you continue to engage with other Sims your relationship will increase. Always make sure to use the interaction options that offer the best energy to friendship ratio. This is where The Sims Mobile differs slightly from the typical Sims formula. Once you reach a certain friendship level with another Sim you have to initiate a Social Event to progress to the next level. You will know when it’s available as it will be the first option on the social interaction menu.

The Social Event works in a very similar way to a Career Event, you have a limited amount of time to fill up the purple stars meter. As before, you want to choose the options that return the highest rating for the lowest energy cost, typically it’s 2 energy for 4 relationship points as the best option. IMPORTANT: It is a good idea to make sure your Sim has high levels of energy before starting a Social Event otherwise the results will suffer.

From there it’s a rinse and repeat scenario. Continue to interact with Sims, progressing to the next level and opening new social options. It’s always a good idea to have at least one relationship at a higher level so you can easily complete the social related Daily & Life Goals.

Hopefully now you know everything you need for how to increase friendship and relationships in The Sims Mobile.

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