How To Increase Persona Capacity in Persona 5

How To Increase Persona Capacity in Persona 5
One of the early issues you will run into in Persona 5 is how many Persona you can hold. Thankfully you will be able to upgrade how many Personas you can hold so you can do more fusions. Check out this guide to find out How To Increase Persona Capacity in Persona 5!

How To Hold More Personas In Persona 5

In order to upgrade how many Personas you can hold you will have to upgrade the Fool Arcana. The first upgrade will be at Fool rank 3 and you will be able to hold Eight instead of Six. This is story related and you will get it during the first Palace, or right after, I don’t remember the exact time. The next couple upgrades are also story related. You get one at Rank 5 and Rank 6 increasing it to 10 and then 12. The last upgrade will let you hold up to 14

So being able to hold more Personas is related to how far you get in the story. You will also get other bonuses like being able to triple fuse Persona or get bonus Exp for making Fool type Persona. Check back soon for more Persona 5 Guides.

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