Judgment Girlfriend & Dating Guide

Judgment Girlfriend & Dating Guide
Once you reach a certain part of Judgment’s story, you can meet girls and have girlfriends. This Judgment Girlfriend & Dating Guide will tell you how to unlock each of the girlfriends, how to get dates and how to impress them with your witty chatter and expensive gifts.

The girlfriend system is very limited. There are only four girls who you can date and eventually, hook up with. Probably for the best, anymore than that would be hard work. Each of the different girlfriends is unlocked in a different way and each date goes in different directions.

Once you have met a girl and organized a date, look for the purple heart icon on the map to progress.

Judgment Girlfriend Guide

Sana Mihama
To unlock Sana Mihama as a potential girlfriend you must complete Amidst A Dream Side Case where you buy her CD, listen to her music, and save her from an overly aggressive executive. Once you have completed the Side Case, wait for time to pass and she will contact you. You can then message her back and arrange a date.
Nanami Matsuoka
In order to unlock Nanami Matsuoka as a girlfriend option, you must complete the side case Smart Watching. Once you have completed the Side Case let some time pass and she will contact you. From there simple respond to her messages and wait for her to contact you again. You’ll have to meet her at Theater Square while she plays once or twice but after that, you can arrange a date.
Tsukino Saotome
After you complete The Pervert King Side Case, wait some time. It took a couple of chapters for me. Eventually Yosuke Saotome, her brother, will send you a message. You can then message Tsukino Saotome from your phone. Message her and you can arrange a date.

You must complete The Fire Calamity Side Case, which is the end result of a series of Side Cases for the lady that predicts calamities. Once you have completed the Side Case, wait for some time to pass. Eventually, she will contact you via a message on your phone. Respond. Shortly after you will have the opportunity to take her on a date.

Judgment Dating Guide

Once you have unlocked one of the characters, you can begin dating them. It usually involves a few back and forth text messages before an option opens to either offer or respond to a date request. Although each of the girls is different, the process is the same.

It’s a good idea to head to Le Marche before any given date to purchase a gift. Gifts, when chosen correctly, can drastically increase your trust and relationship with the girl, thus further progressing through that particular story. Generally, the more expensive the gift, the higher the trust gain but some items are not liked at all so it’s best to find a single type and run with that.

Each date usually features an initial activity and then a conversation. The activity isn’t overly important but your performance is. For example, winning a Drone Race or winning at Darts, offers more increased trust than not winning.

The conversations are all very simple. Be nice, understanding, interested in their story, agreeable. Below is a breakdown of some basic dating information on each of the girlfriends in case you’re struggling.

Sana Mihama Personality

  • Gift: Twinkle Heart Ring
  • Activities: Arcade
  • Age: 19
  • Job: Musician
  • Hobbies: Cooking, Music

Nanami Personality

  • Gift: Standard Watch
  • Activities: Drone Racing
  • First Date Drinks: Yes
  • Age: 29
  • Job: Ad/Marketing Company
  • Hobbies: Work

Tsukino Saotome Personality

  • Gift: Pearl Earrings
  • Activities: Casino
  • Hobbies: Drawing

Amane Personality

  • Gift: Trinity Earrings
  • Activities: Shogi
  • Hobbies: Small Animals, Hedgehogs and Hamsters

That should be all the information you need to be a dating pro. Make sure to invest in the different dating skills, it makes increasing the trust bar much faster.

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