Judgment Quickstarter Guide

Judgment Quickstarter Guide
Investing in Quickstarter unlocks new items, skill books, new facilities, and more. This Judgment Quickstarter Guide will walk you through the different stages of investing into each of the different companies and tech startups so you can invest your money wisely.

At the beginning of Chapter 6, during a story event, Tak meets Shin Fujimori – the owner of the Quickstarter app. He explains that you can use the app on your phone to invest in different companies in exchange for various rewards.

If you want to invest in all of the different companies and products, it’s a good idea to invest in Unofficial Dice and Cube Strategy Guide, Challenge Riddle: Middle Course, and Challenge Riddle: Long Course, as these allow you to unlock more VR courses for more rewards.

Below is a list in the different companies you can invest in, and the rewards you receive.

Judgment Quickstarter Guide

Cipher Secrets: Mind Over Matter100,000 YenBoost EX Gauge 1 SkillCipher Secrets: Brains Over Brawn
Cipher Secrets: Brains Over Brawn100,000 YenHeart Of A Champion SkillN/A
QR Code Compendium200,000 YenCode Hunter Skill (Use our Guide)N/A
Unofficial Dire And Cube Strategy Guide100,000 YenHigh Roller SkillUnabridged Dice And Cube Strategy Guide Project
Unabridged Dice And Cube Strategy Guide 200,000 YenElevated Roller SkillUltimate Dice And Cub Strategy Guide
Ultimate Dice And Cub Strategy Guide300,000 YenExalted Roller SkillN/A
Hug Bomb Alpha500,000 YenN/AHug Bomb Spark
Hug Bomb Spark500,000 YenN/A
Hyper Propeller H200,000 YenHyper Propeller HN/A
Super Motor S100,000 YenSuper Motor SN/A
Low-Cost ESC100,000 YenLow-Cost ESCN/A
Low-Cost Turbo100,000 YenLow-Cost TurboN/A
Challenge Riddle: Middle Course1,000,000 YenMiddle Course: Middle Course in VRN/A
Premier Darts100,000 YenPremier DartsMiracle Darts Project
Miracle Darts100,000 YenMiracle DartsN/A
Artisinal Shogi Set100,000 YenArtisinal Shogi SetN/A
G.A Labs Basic Construction200,000 YenN/AG.A Labs Development Floor Project
G.A Labs Development Floor200,000 YenN/AG.A Labs Research Floor
G.A Labs Research Floor300,000 YenN/AG.A Labs Testing Facility
G.A Labs Testing Facility500,000 YenN/AG.A Labs Data Center
G.A Labs Data Center800,000 YenN/A
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