Kingdom Come Deliverance Where To Get The Best Horse

Kingdom Come Deliverance Where To Get The Best Horse
Want to know what the best horse is? This Kingdom Come Deliverance Where To Get The Best Horse will walk you through the different stats for each type of horse, when you can buy the best horses and how you can increase their stats and carrying capacity. Kingdom Come Deliverance boasts a sprawling open-world with many secrets yet to be discovered. Based on my experiences so far there are a number of horses that could be considered the best horse, but a lot of it depends on your personal preference.

All horses have stats, which we will explain below. At the moment, the vast majority of the best horses are best in a specific area. For example, one horse will boast much higher stamina and speed but another will have huge carrying capacity and courage. With that in mind, check out our guide below to see what horse would best suit your needs.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Horse Stats Explained

Kingdom Come Deliverance Ultimate Guide to Horses

Every Horse has 5 stats. The stats are Speed, Capacity, Courage, Health and Stamina. Speed directly influences how fast it can walk, trot, canter and gallop. Although speed is reduced by the amount of weight the horse is carrying. Capacity influences how much your horse is able to carry, this can also be increased through horse specific equipment. Courage influences your horses ability to withstand sound and physical commotion. Lower Courage levels will cause your horse to flee combat. Health and stamina are self explanatory but fear not, even if your horse drops to 0 health, it cannot die.

How To Increase Horse Stats

How To Increase Horse Stats
Although every horse is born with specific stats, you can increase these stats through equipment. Visit any of the different stables and speak with the Head Groom during business hours and you can ask to trade. You will need a lot of money or some expert haggling skills as some of the items cost upwards of 2,000 each.

You can purchase a saddle which greatly increases your horses carrying capacity. Horseshoes increase the speed stat and bridles improve courage

Where To Buy Horses

Uzhitz Stable
Neuhof Stable
You can purchase horses at Stables. We’ve explored the majority of the map, including all of the towns, so we’re confident we’ve found them all. Above you will seen the locations of each of the different stables that you can visit in order to buy a horse. They vary in price, from pretty cheap to the price of a house, but as they don’t die – it’s a good investment. Head to either of the stables above and speak with the Head Groom. Like businesses and shops, he will only be at the stable during regular business hours.

Where To Get The Best Horse

As I mentioned previously, it’s very much down to personal preference here. When buying a horse at any of the stables they are arranged in a tiered order. There’s Tier 1 through Tier 5, with Tier 5 being the most expensive and highest stat horses. Below are the details on the Tier 5 horses at both Uzhitz Stable and Neuhof Stable.


  • Stable: Uzhitz Stable
  • Price: 2250 Groschen
  • Speed: 39
  • Capacity: 196
  • Courage: 20
  • Stamina: 410
  • Total Stats: 665


  • Stable: Uzhitz Stable
  • Price: 2140 Groschen
  • Speed: 39
  • Capacity: 260
  • Courage: 18
  • Stamina: 250
  • Total Stats: 567

We’ll be updating our Kingdom Come Deliverance Where To Get The Best Horse as we locate more stables and find more horses. Check back soon for updates.

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