Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choice Guide

Right at the start of Kingdom Hearts 3 you will have to make a choice. The choice you make here will determine your starting stats and cannot be changed later. Check out this Kingdom Hearts 3 starting choice guide to find out which one to pick.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choice Wisdom, Vitality, Or Balance

This is the choice for users who think they will be using more Magic. You will start off with 120 MP and 90 HP, making you weaker HP wise overall. When you level up you will get mostly Magic ability upgrades, followed by defense and finally physical attacks.

This is the choice for people who prefer melee combat. You will start of with 120 HP and 100 MP meaning you can take more hits. When you level up you will get mostly physical attack upgrades, followed by defense upgrades, and lastly magic upgrades.

As the name states, this is a balance between the two. You won’t excel at anything but you won’t have any weaknesses either. You start with 105 HP and 110 MP if you choose this. All stats go up at the same rate but none of them get a huge boost over each other.

Magic is very strong in the game so I generally pick Wisdom. New comers will be more comfortable with Vitality for more HP or Balanced to try everything.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choice 2 – Guardian, Warrior, Or Mystic

These are passive abilities you get depending on what you choose. The Guardian will get you increased defense when you are at low HP.

The Warrior will let you swing one more time while performing a combo on the ground.

The Mystic will reduce the amount of Mana you consume if you continually use magic.

The choice here is a little more easy for me. Mana was always a problem in Kingdom hearts before so Mystic seems like the best choice to me. Warrior is solid as well, sometimes all you need is on extra hit to finish the enemy.

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