Kingdoms of Amalur Reagents Guide And Recipe List

Kingdoms of Amalur Reagents Guide And Recipe List
Think of yourself as a bit of an Alchemist? This Kingdoms of Amalur Reagents Guide will list all available areas, the Reagents which can be found in those areas, and the effect of each Reagent. There will also be a recipe list compiled as we discover more recipes.

Note: Experimenting is the best way to discover new recipes and also the cheapest. When you look at the effect of a Reagent, combine it with something that makes sense. For example, a Reagent that specializes in Fire mixed with one that specializes in Resistance, will offer you a Fire Resistance potion. Using this kind of basic guessing will give you access to most of the simple recipes pretty quickly.

Recipe List
Minor Healing Potion
Black Cohosh x2
Embereyes x1

inor Frostbite
White Flake x2
Scarwood bark x1

Minor Magic Precision
Scarab Salts x2
Star Thistle x1

Minor Magic Amplification
Star Thistle x2
Scarwood bark x2
Reagent Locations

Rank 1: Black Cohosh – Health Potions
Rank 1: Embereyes – Restoration Potions
Rank 1: Cripplespore Caps – Poison Potions
Rank 1: Scarwood Bark – Damage Increase Potions
Rank 2: Skyblossom – Extraction Potions (there’s a good amount inside Gorguath)
Rank 2: Softscrabble Powder – Mana Potions
Rank 2: Bloodroot

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