Kingdoms of Amalur Trainer Location Guides

Kingdoms of Amalur Trainer Location Guides
Throughout Amalur you can discover trainers that will allow you to increase one of your skills for a large amount of gold. This Kingdoms of Amalur Trainer Location Guides will list all the discovered trainers, what they train and the cost of the training. If you know of one not listed, please leave a comment and you’ll be credited in the article. Please note: Basic Trainers can only train 0-3.

Basic Trainers :
Locations: Ysa, Blue Bear Tavern

Advanced Trainers:
Location. Rathir Arcana Academy

Blacksmith Trainers
Basic Trainer: Halder Rodric
Location: Stonering Hall
Costs: 15k+ Gold

Advanced Trainer: …
Location: Ironfest Keep

Locksmith Trainers
Basic Trainer: Tefroy Tarion
Location: Locksmiths Lab in Tirin’s Rest
Costs: 15k+ Gold

Basic Trainer: Thorvald Ulfsson
Location: At his campsite just off the road right before entrance to Plains of Erathell from Dalentarth

Persuasion Trainers
Basic Trainer : Ellova
Location: Inside the Hall of Ballads, western room at the center.
Costs: 15k+ Gold

Stealth Trainers
Basic Trainer: Hiroen Karet
Location: Star Camp

Mercantile Trainers
Basic Trainer: Elayen Dark
Location: Star Camp

Detect Hidden Trainers
Basic Trainer: Arnick Arduna
Location Gorhart Inn


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  • George

    Star Keep

    1 basic mercantile trainer
    1 basic stealth trainer

  • Seth

    Basic Stealth: Hiroen Karet in Star Camp
    Basic Mercantile: Elayen Dark in Star Camp
    Basic Detect Hidden: Arnick Arduna in Gorhart Inn

  • MaleusSamuel PSN

    Basic: Lockpicking

    Name: Thorvald Ulfsson

    15K gold

    Location: At his campsite just off the road right before entrance to Plains of Erathell from Dalentarth

  • Trig

    There is a advanced blacksmith trainer at ironfest keep after completing a quest to get the hermit blacksmith to work there.

    • Added you to contributors and added the trainer. Many thanks 😀

  • Steelhawks

    So basically, the best is to just Fateweave, then go and pick all the basic trainer, then put some points until you reach advance, and then go grab the training and after that you max your stuff,

  • Pookle

    Forsaken Plain – Village of Emaire – Alchemy Trainer (Basic)

  • There appears to be a sage crafting trainer behind a sealed door off to the right of the Scholia Embassy where there is the Sage Crafting Vendor in Ysa I wasn’t able to reach him though, I’d assume he’s a master though.

  • question how many times can train?