L.A. Noire House Of Sticks Guide

L.A. Noire House Of Sticks Guide

The next case in L.A. Noire is called House of Sticks. This guide will help you find all the clues, answer all the questions correctly, and get a 5 star rating. You are playing someone else in this case. Right away you will get a couple clues. Let’s get on to the case.

The first part of the L.A. Noire House of Sticks guide you have to flip the pink piece of paper over. This will get you a clue. after that close the book and you will ask her some questions.

First question is disputed claim payout. Pick doubt.

Next is connection to Buchwalter. Pick doubt again.

Last ask motive for dispute. Choose truth. A cut scene will happen then you will get another clue and then you have to follow a lady up stairs. Once you get there you will have a cut scene.

After that in the L.A. Noire House of Sticks guide we will get in our car and go to the destination. Once you get there check the desk in the office for a clue.

Then check the other desk and look at the two papers for clues. After that leave and you will get a cut scene. After that you will have a fight. Once you win head to the next place.

The next part of the L.A. Noire House of Sticks guide is heading to the demolished house. Head to the back of the house and check the wood to start a puzzle. Create the puzzle and get a clue. After that you are getting chased for once. Run till he crashed then drop him. After that go use the phone to get an address. Time to go.

Next in the L.A. Noire House of Sticks guide is heading to the keystone film studios. Once you arrive there will be a cut scene. After that jump the fence and keep going till you see the screening room sign. Go and and click on the case. After the puzzle you will watch a film. It will give you a clue. Check the desk for an empty canister for a clue. After that go back to the start and jump the fence that has lumber on the other side. Once over there check the lumber for a clue. Two stacks have clues but they are right by each other. Then go use the phone. Good job.

The next part of the L.A. Noire House of Sticks guide is going to Elysian fields site two. Once there head to the light upstairs in a house. After that you get to do a fight. After that a cut scene and after it you need to get into a car and escape.  It isn’t to hard. After that you win.

That will end the L.A. Noire House of Sticks guide and it will get you the  5 star rating. On to the next site. While you’re here though check out and like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

  • matty

    please help when i get to the movie studio screening room i dont get a clue when i watch the movie and i cant use the phone either

    • In the screening room you have to focus the video and make the audio sound legible. Then you have to hit the switch to start the film. The switch is also on the projector.

  • Mul

    How hard is it to run away from the bulldozer!

  • Tx

    Not very. You just need to keep turning around a popping a few rounds at him. I ended up killing him. After about 6 shots.

  • Supa Rj

    Are u supposed to win the fight

    • Not in this one. After you take one down it automatically gives you a cut scene.

  • PattiJuve

    I’ve done all that walkthrough to the letter and still only got a 4 star rating. Maybe it because I wrecked the place during the car chases?

    • If it says you found all the clues and answered all the questions right then yes you did to much damage.

  • Epic

    I only did 72 dollars worht of damage to my car. 5 stars 😀

  • When chased by the bulldozer, you can also turn around when you are on the first scaffolding, then shoot fast after you turn around and you will just kill him. No need to be chased.

  • How do u focus in on the video?

  • The bulldozer really annoyed me, why are we playing as jack? I like this game but the bulldozer spoiled it for me, do we go back to being Cole?