L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly Guide

L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly Guide

The next guide we will be doing for L.A. Noire is the case called The Golden Butterfly. This will help you answer all the questions correctly, find all the clues and get you the 5 star rating. It has been awhile but this case does not have a newspaper in it. Let’s get to it.

First thing you will do for the L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly guide is of course head to the crime scene. This time you are filled in by the captain instead of some nobody cop. Let’s head up to the body.

Another naked lady check her out first. The first clue is on her head turn it side to side to get it.

While still on the body go down below but not to a arm and search. You will get your second clue.

Now check her left hand again to see the ring has been removed and get your third clue. Then check the other hand closely.

After that talk with the coroner. He just gives you some insight which could be useful later.

Now head to letter C right next to the body and check the name tag for your fifth clue. Check the cash as well it isn’t a clue but Phelps gives some interesting info.

Now check B which is behind the tree and see some foot prints. This is your last clue here. On to the Moller house.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly guide is at the Moller House. You will be greeted by a little girl. Time to check for some clues.

Head into the bedroom with the boots on the floor. Check them out for your first clue here. Surprise they are size 8.

Now check the dresser in the same room and open up the watch box. It is gone and that is your next clue. Search the box right next to it for you last clue here.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly guide is interviewing the little girl. Let’s get to the questions.

First question missing watch and ring. Pick truth

Next question last contact with victim. Pick doubt.

Last question state of parents marriage. Choose doubt. You also get a new clue.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly guide is questioning Hugo. I’ve seen him before in Heroes I think. Anyways onto the questions.

First questions footprints at the crime scene. Lie choose the size 8 boots.

Next missing persons report. Pick doubt.

Next ask him about his alibi. Choose lie and use the husband’s alibi.

Next choose history of violence. Choose lie and pick the butterfly brooch.

After this he will get pretty worked up and you will tell him to go to the station. As you leave the neighbor will call you over. Talk with her. After she finishes you will have to chase down Hugo. You can tackle him if you get close enough if not you will catch him sooner or later when he stops.

Once back at the incinerator check it for the bloody size 8 boot as a clue. After the scene finishes up use the phone. Time to head to the school.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly guide is at the school where the little girl goes. Once you get there you will start a chase scene right away. I had no problem tackling this guy and getting the trophy/achievement Asphalt jungle. After that a cut scene will happen and he will give you the golden butterfly. Now he is under arrest.

Once you gain control again check the trunk of the car. Check everything in the trunk for three new clues. After that use the phone.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly guide is going to the morgue. Head on in and talk with the coroner. He will ask you to look at the samples. Pick the bottom one and put it over the neck of the picture. The other two are useless. Now check the shoe prints next to the ropes. Go over the left shoe print and click X/A. Last but not least check the body.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly guide is questioning the suspects. Fun times ahead.Let’s start with Hugo in interview room number 2.

First question disposal of evidence. Pick truth.

Next is access to braided rope. Pick doubt.

Next is victim’s vehicle recovered. Pick lie and pick the Overalls.

Last is access to the tire iron. Lie and pick the bloody tire iron. Don’t charge him let’s question the other guy first.

The last part of the L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly guide is questioning Rooney. Get to the other room and start.

First question is place of employment. Pick doubt.

Next access to braided rope. Pick truth.

Next is motive for the murder. Choose doubt.

Last question is footprints at the crime scene. Choose doubt. Charge Eli with the murder.

That is the end of the L.A. Noire The Golden Butterfly guide and you will get a 5 star rating. Moving on to the next case.

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  • Mathias Sørensen


    First of all – thanks for the great guide. Really helped me with the questions.

    In this guide i unfortunalty found something that didn’t fitted with my game.

    1. When you have finished at the crime scene and arrives at the mollens house. You write “Now check the dress in the same room and open up the watch box. It is gone and that is your next clue. Search the box right next to it for you last clue here.”

    I can’t find any dresses what so ever. I have looked through the house and the only dress i found – was on the girl.

    2. Now we are talking about the girl – and this is not a big problem, but you have switched around on question 1 and 2 when you ask questions to the girl in the mollen house 🙂 (At least in my game)?

    Hope you can see what i mean, and again – thanks!


    • I’ll look it over. Get back with you soon.

      Okay it was a typo I fixed it now I meant check the dresser not a dress sorry about that. And for the questions that was my order. This is why I put what to ask instead of just question 1 and 2 so people don’t get mixed up. I don’t think the order matters to much so do it in whichever order you want.

      • You mention to check the dresser in Moeler’s house. The problem is, the dresser can’t be opened.

  • Reikou

    Thx for the guide. Every clue is well described. F.Y.I about hugo as you said “ive seen him in heroes”. He looks very, actualy, ALOT like Matt Parkman from heroes. Hihi 🙂

    • Zankou

      That’s because it is “Matt Parkman” Greg Grunberg

  • Cade

    The actor is the same guy from heroes a he means dresser in the guide not dresses

  • This case solution make not sense to me, Hugo seems to be the murder: the blood in boot, burning evidence, always liying, the tire iron, i believo more in Eli, it make sense that he found the golden butterfly and tha he is not ionterested in women but in little girls because he is a pedophile, i was solving this case last nght and i choose Hugo as murder but the case seems fail so i turn off the console before it saves the progress, but it doesnt make any sense to me…

    • Just keep playing it will all make sense on the last case.

    • Rob

      If you look carfully at the attacker in the initial clip you will notice something I missed the first time.

      You will see a slight gent wearing a flat cap just like eli, hmmmmmm 🙂

    • Kev

      In my game I tried failing the two interviews at the end after you get the angry statement from the captain the witness from the school admitts to seeing Hugo park the car then you get a car chase with fleeing Hugo.

    • Exactly the same here and i got really mad 😀 thank god i found this website

  • Matej


    I did this case and chose Eli at my first try as the murderer. Now I have replayed the case, to get a 5 star rating.

    I did everything as you described but I only got 4 stars? Anyone else with the same problem?

    The only thing was that I didn’t got a trophy when I caught Eli.

    Thanks for your help


    • The biggest problem people have if they find all the cues and answer every question correctly is they either A did to much damage to the city while driving or ran someone over while driving. If you rack up to many fines at the end of the case it will bump you down a star

    • jose

      i have 4 stars

  • Harold

    When I searched the body I didn’t get a clue from her right hand. I got some dialogue about a watch being taken and that’s it.

    • Sorry maybe it doesn’t give you a clue there but it is needed for later I’m pretty sure.

      • tom

        yeah i never got the fourth clue from the body either, whats up here? as you need it to 5 star the case

        • I can tell you for sure that there are only 3 clues on the victims body after re doing the case.

  • I found all the clues and answered all the questions correctly. I accused Rooney of murder, but then it showed a clip of Moller being thrown into jail. I only got 3 stars, and I did only $75 of vehicle damage, and no other damage. I didn’t have clues turned on or anything. Time to start it again…

    • Okay, I just did the ending again, but this time I interviewed Rooney first, then Moller, and then I accused Rooney of murder. I got one of the questions wrong by accident (second Moller question) and I still managed to get 5 stars!

  • Mm

    It’s Eli rooney

  • This case was an epic fail because I pick hugo and get blasted even though eli stole the broach then why would he leave the money!!! Since he was between jobs