Life Is Feudal: MMO Attributes Guide

Life Is Feudal MMO Attributes Guide
What do each of the attributes do in Life is Feudal: MMO? This Life Is Feudal: MMO Attributes Guide will explain each of the individual attributes within Life is Feudal: MMO so you can spend your points in areas that compliment your personal playstyle.

When you first begin your adventures in Life is Feudal: MMO, you are tasked with creating your character. This features the traditional appearance options for the MMO genre but it also allows you to customize your starting stats, which are far more important in Life is Feudal: MMO than other online games.

There are 5 different core stats you can improve in the game including Strength, Agility, Constitution, Willpower and Intellect. Below is a quick breakdown of what each of the individual statistics do in the game.

What does Strength do?
Firstly, Strength does not increase attack damage. Each individual point of Strength makes you more effective with heavier equipment, by five points to be exact. Also reduces the amount of Stamina spent while attacking.

What does Agility do?
Each point you add into Agility increases your characters movement speed and accuracy.

What does Constitution do?
Each point into Constitution increases carrying capacity by five points. It also adds extra HP in the form of one soft HP and one hard HP.

What does Willpower do?
Each point spent into Willpower works in a similar way to Constitution, but with Stamina. Each Willpower point adds one to soft stamina and one to hard stamina.Willpower also increases your carrying capacity by an average of 4 per point (based on bonuses reached at specific levels of Willpower)

What does Intellect do?
Each point invested into Intellect increases your skill cap by two.

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