How To Lockpick In Kingdom Come Deliverance

Picking locks is quite difficult and complex at first so be sure to check out our guide and video on How To Lockpick In Kingdom Come Deliverance. The ability to pick locks is priceless, it can help you complete various side quests, you can steal items and then sell the stolen goods and upgrade your gear for free.

Lockpicking is a difficult skill in Kingdom Come Deliverance, requiring the ability to move both sticks at the same time. You first objective is to locate the “Sweet Spot”. This is done by moving the right stick around until you locate part of the lock that turns it gold. There is different values of a Sweet Spot. For example, on the very edge of the Sweet Spot the gold circle in the center will be small. Closer to the perfect part of the Sweet Spot and the circle gets bigger, making it easier to turn the lock.

Once you have the Sweet Spot you need to turn the other stick to turn the lock. This moves the Sweet Spot so you need to follow the exact same speed and pattern of turning with both sticks. It can be a little frustrating at first but go for speed and eventually you’ll have the technique down.

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