LotR War In The North Barrow Wight Lord Walkthrough

LotR War In The North Barrow Wight Lord Walkthrough

The next boss in LotR War in the North is called the Barrow Wight lord. He is basically the big boss of all the little bosses. This guide will help you burn him down next time you meet. Let’s go.

First for the LotR War in the North Barrow Wight Lord boss guide is his moves. This guy of course summons smaller ones to his aid but they are not to strong so it isn’t as bothersome.

His first move is sending out the ranger. He posses the rangers body and will charge you. You have to bust him up and he will retreat the ranger. At this point you need to run as well.

His second ability comes right after he retreats the ranger. He will slam the ground and send shock waves at you. Hide behind the giant pillars to avoid being hit.

Lastly he does send out waves of minions. If the ranger isn’t out break them down.

Now on to the fight part of the LotR War in the North Barrow Wight Lord boss guide. At the start of the right go at the large wight. He will release the ranger early and you can hurt him pretty easily at this point without many minions being around. If the mage has the shield that helps you regen health then put that down as well. Hurt the ranger then he retreats.

At this point the shock wave will be coming at you so you need to hide behind the pillar to avoid damage. Once it clears up deal with any of the minions until he sends the ranger back out, then do damage to the ranger and he will retreat again.

Hide behind the pillar until the shock wave ends. Go out and wait for the ranger to come out for the last time and kill him.

Any down time you have should be spent killing the lackeys!

After that you will have won the fight. Good job.

That will end the LotR War in the North Barrow Wight Lord boss guide. Check our Lord Of The Rings War In The North Complete Walkthrough Guide for more guides and walkthroughs!

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  • Dan

    I need your help I am stuck in this room with the boss there and my ranger friend kneeling on the floor but nothing happens we have looked around the whole room and cant find what we need to do. can u help?

  • Bj

    Dan the same thing is happening with me I think the game is glitched or affected because I have a scratch on the disc this really blows