Mad Max Guide – How To Get Scrap Metal Fast

Mad Max Guide - How To Get Scrap Metal Fast
Scrap is the main currency in Mad Max and is used to purchase upgrades for your Magnus Opus, Max himself and other rewarding elements such as Stronghold projects. This Mad Max Guide – How To Get Scrap Metal Fast guide will show the best techniques to earn Scrap as fast as possible so you can keep Max and your car at the top of their game.

Scavenging Locations

A slightly tedious method of gathering Scrap fast but still one of the more effective. Scavenging Locations are marked with a small hand icon on the map and include Scrap and Scrap Pallets. Just searching for these can be time consuming so it’s best to get the Survey Crew Stronghold Project in that area, which reveals all of the Scavenging Locations within that Strongholds territory.


These are one of the best events for collecting lots of Scrap really fast, sadly however they appear totally random and don’t happen all that often. You’ll get a warning that a sandstorm is approaching. If you go into an ally occupied camp or friendly Stronghold at this point the sandstorm will pass and you’ll miss your opportunity so if you were hoping to get back to a Stronghold with your latest vehicle find, you’re out of luck.

When the sandstorm begins keep your eye out for highlighted crates that appear nearby. You can use your grappling hook to grab the crates and then destroy them on foot. Once destroyed they drop a lot of Scrap, which you can collect quickly. Both Max and the vehicle will take damage (if you haven’t upgraded armor) so make sure to keep an eye on your health.

Stronghold Project Upgrades

Strongholds can be upgraded in a number of ways that benefit Max and his journey in the post-apocalyptic wastelands. As previously mentioned the Survey Crew Stronghold Project unlocks all Scavenging Locations in that particular Strongholds Territory. There are also other projects that can be beneficial when trying to get Scrap fast. Scrap Crew Project’s have allies gather Scrap while the game is offline, as long as you have an active internet connection to your console or PC. There is one final Stronghold Project that aids with gathering Scrap, Cleanup Crew. Completing the Cleanup Crew Project in a Stronghold will have Scrap collected from destroying enemies automatically. It’s not a huge amount but it’s a massive time saver and is a great way to gather Scrap fast when you’ve got higher level weapons on your Magnus Opus.

Upgrading Max – Volition Ability

When you spend Griffa Tokens and level up Max there is a section in the lower right of the circle called Volition. This is by no means a massive boost to your Scrap storage but as they say, every little helps. As you increase in levels it increases in effect and can quite often boost randomly found Scrap by 70% at higher levels.

Attacking Camps & Outposts

There are plenty of Camps & Outposts scattered across the wastelands that you can attack. Not only do these drop the Threat Level in a region, which goes a long way to unlocking many of the vehicles upgrades and character upgrades, but they also provide a huge boost to Scrap gain. If you want to get Scrap fast in Mad Max, this is one of the best ways to do it. Camps and Outposts tend to have several small clumps of Scrap scattered around but when you overtake an outpost your allies take control and deliver Scrap at regular intervals from there on out.


Marked on the map by a purple circle with an exclamation point, Encounters can be a great way to get a boost in Scrap. Specifically you want to find the Encounters that list Loot Encounter as the objective. Typically these are a simple quick bit of dialogue followed by a substantial Scrap reward.

Scrapulance & Other Vehicles

Occasionally you will encounter vehicles that can provide a huge boost to Scrap. The Scrapulance vehicle is a truck with a pile of Scrap on the back. Stealing these and returning them to a Stronghold can give hundreds of Scrap in return. There are also sometimes buried vehicles you can lift with your Harpoon

I’ll be updating this with more methods as I find them.

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