Mad Max Guide – Jeet’s Stronghold Guide Project Locations & Rewards

Mad Max Guide - Jeet's Stronghold Guide Project Locations & Guides
Even in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Mad Max you’re going to need friends. Use our Jeet’s Stronghold guide to locate all of the possible projects, the locations of each of the items and guides to put it all together. If you examine any of the Jeet’s Stronghold projects directly you are given the option to have the locations of each part added to your map. You can only do this with a single project at a time but it does help speed up the process. Should you struggle to find any when you reach the location, check the details below for more detailed information.

It’s also a good idea to complete the Survey Crew Project for each Stronghold first as this reveals Scrap locations on the map that are also often the location of parts for other projects. Once you complete Jeet’s Stronghold, check out our Gutgash Stronghold guide with map images!

Survey Crew Project

Part 1: South Blackmaws. Follow the road West of Chum’s Hideout and take the first left heading South. Enter The Edge and cross the bridge, continue through until you fight one of the enemies that can use heavy attacks with a weapon. Bust down the nearby gate for this piece
Part 2: Far Western edge of Balefire Flatland. The crossroads with the Scarecrow, it’s the road to the South West of that, the one heading North. Enter the compound and follow the route until you see a ladder, ignore the ladder and explore the corridors to the left.
Part 3: North West corner of Dry Gustie. Eliminate Stank Gum’s Legion, search the area for the chest.

Reward: Scavenging locations on map revealed

Scrap Crew Project

Part 1: SE of Jeets Stronghold at the end of the very thin road
Part 2: North of the B in Blackmaw. Small camp, project piece is at the end of the small jetty
Part 3: North West of Great Watchers camp, climb the ledge and ladder to get to the top
Part 4: South West of Crazy Racy Death Ruin. Climb down the ladder at the destination. You need the crowbar skill here

Reward: Collect Scrap while game is offline


Complete Mission: Lust for Powder. You unlock this mission from Jeet as you progress through reducing Threat in his territory

Reward: Refill ammo at no cost

Oil Well

Part 1: The Dredges Transfer Tank Camp
Part 2: North of Jeet’s Stronghold. Destroy the Oil Pump. As you progress through this camp you’ll climb up a ladder to a high point with a zip line. Use the zip line to locate the project part.

Reward: Refuel Magnum Opus at no cost

Maggot Farm

Part 1: West side of Dry Gustie, just North West of the Air Balloon
Part 2: Mid Colossus. The road North of Intel Encounter and Legend Encounter. Work your way through the camp, up the huge metal ramp. After defeating the last group of enemies this part is in a door to the right
Part 3: South Colossus. South of the Legend Encounter near Part 2. This is below a gate deep in the canyon
Part 4: Slightly North of the Air Balloon in Fuel Veins. Climb onto the boat, drop down and it’s on your left

Reward: Restore Max’s health at no cost

Water Storage

Part 1: South West of the Balefire Flatland. North West of The Dredges camp
Part 2: Far North East corner of the Fuel Veins. The furthest Northern road in that area. Kill the few enemies that are here and search the nearby rusty boat wreckage for this part

Reward: Fill Max’s Canteen at no cost

Cleanup Crew
Part 1: At the end of the road West of The Pipes Oil Pump Camp. Search below the upturned ship for a ladder inside
Part 2: North East of the “A” in Blackmaws on the map. Located in a sunken ship
Part 3: Far East of Colossus area, slightly North East of most Southern Scarecrow

Reward: Collect Scrap from all defeated vehicles in the territory

Dog And Buggy

Mission Dinki Di from Chum

Reward: Locate minefields

Part 1: 500 Scrap
Part 2: 1000 Scrap
Part 3: 1500 Scrap

Reward: Helps to grow Stronghold

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  • mercurise

    A picture says a thousand words, perhaps pinpointing on the world map would be easier for us to find the spot at a glance. Half the time i have no idea what your descriptions mean.

    • I know it’s not ideal but I’ve not had chance. If you get the Survey Crew Project as I suggested in the article you can simply highlight the markers I describe and it tells you what’s there

  • Jay Rivera

    So I’ve found the parts for the Cleanup Crew and the Oil Well projects, and they tell me to return to the stronghold, but when I do, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

    • When you have all the pieces needed to create one of the projects you need to find that project in the Stronghold and interact with it. You can see a thin outline of the item you can make. There’s a few scattered around.

      • Jay Rivera

        I didn’t see that at all. But once I finished the mission called “A Wasteland Classic”, upgrading the stronghold was available. You should mention that you to be beat that mission in the article. Thanks for the guide though!

  • kris

    what the hell lads. you go to stronghold, you stand in front of project, hold “E” on keyboard (if you play on PC) and then it shows you on map where required part is ! but only one part a time, you can’t highlight them all at once. easy (unfortunately)

    • phaymousb

      i just barely realized this as well lol.