Man Of Medan Life And Death Choices And Consequences Guide

Man Of Medan Life And Death Choices And Consequences Guide
Man of Medan is a game about getting your entire group off a ghost ship alive. Choices you make early on can result in death if you are not careful. Check out this Man of Medan life and death choices and consequences guide to get everyone out alive.

Man Of Medan Life And Death Choices And Consequences Guide

The Bends - Julia
This is your first potential death that you might not even know about it. When Julia and Alex come up from the plane wreck, she wants to see what is happening on the Duke of Milan. Alex tells here to stay down to decompress and avoid getting the bends. The best thing to do here is to stay down below with Julia, the events are the ship aren’t that important. If you rise too fast and have her drink a beer during the ghost story, she can potentially die later. To be sure she doesn’t die form this, stay below to decompress, and don’t drink a beer during the ghost story.

Speed Boat Escape - Conrad
The speed boat escape is where your quickest death can occur. After Conrad frees the boat and drives off, the pirate will shoot at him once with his pistol. There is a quick time event when this happens, if you fail he dies. If you succeed then he escapes and lives, but you lose being able to play him on the big boat. He will come to rescue the rest of the crew from the boat with the Coast Guard. If you leave on the Duke of Milan (Fliss Boat) then he explores the boat alone, giving him a bad ending. The best route here is to keep him with the group.

Creepy Old Lady/Chasing Conrad - Conrad And Fliss
If you have Conrad on the ghost ship then he will run into a creepy old lady. The lady will chase him around the ship for awhile and there are a lot of chances to die here. If you are Conrad, you need to keep running until you get to the top of a tower. When he gets towards the edge, confront the creepy lady and you will survive. If you are playing co-op and one person is Fliss, comfort Conrad and try to calm him down every chance you can. You have to ace your quick time events and keep moving in order to not lose Conrad. You also have to ace them with Fliss so she doesn’t fall to her death if you are playing co-op.

Drowning - Fliss And Brad
When Fliss and Brad meet up, there is a potential for either one of them to drown. Whoever you send down below to look for a way up is the one you will lose. When the water starts to rise, make sure whoever is up top goes for the hinge and not the lock. They can’t break the lock, but the hinge will snap quickly.

Junior With A Gun - Whoever You Send To The Generator
Junior will snap in a second if you make the wrong choice and give someone a quick death. The easiest way to get out of this is to give him the rebreather so he can see clearly again. If you don’t have it then ask him what the mist does. Then tell him there was some mist in the last room. Follow up with we held our breath, again having the rebreather here makes it more believable. When you can make the choice to distract or grab the gun, do neither and he will kill himself. Junior dies, but it is better then any of the main cast dying.

Getting The Disturber Cap (Cargo Hold) - Anyone Left Alive
There are two options to get the cap and this is one of them. When Olson says to stay back, you stay back. Olson will then flood the Cargo hold. When the hold is flooded, do the quicktime events to get the cap. When the other character wants to flip the switch, tell them to wait. When the switch is flipped and Olson is on top of you, you have to spam whatever button pops up to get him off of you. Then there is another button prompt before you escape and he is iced.

Getting The Disturber Cap (Kitchen) - Alex And Anyone Left Alive
There are two options to get the cap and this is one of them. You find Olsen being eaten by rats and he has the cap. When you grab it, the rats attack and you need to succeed at the quick time event to not lose it. After the rat part you will run into a weird two headed creature that screams at you. Do not attack it. Rats will then come out of the stomach of Alex, again don’t attack the creature or yourself. Let it play out and you realize that creature was one of your crew mates and you avoid a death.