Maneater Mutation Unlock Guide

Maneater Mutation Unlock Guide
In order to become the best shark you can be in Maneater, you will need to unlock Mutations. Check out this Maneater Mutation unlock guide to find them all as quickly as possible. These will help you deal with human enemies and under water enemies.

Maneater Mutation Unlock Guide

Sonar is your starting ability and you can upgrade it to sense things from further away.

Protein Digestion
Acquired by finding all the Landmarks in Fawtick Bayou, we have a guide here. This Organ upgrade will heal you more from feeding and give you +20% protein from protein sources.

Bio Electric Set

Bio Electric Set Maneater

The Bio Electric Set will make it so you can stun enemies after enough bites and increase your damage to enemies. The more pieces of the set you have equipped, the more electric damage you do.

The whole set is found by clearing out infamy targets one by one. The more humans you kill, the higher you Infamy rank will rise. Destroying Hunter boats is a quick way to get the bosses to pop out.

Hearty is another reward from killing the bosses by raising your infamy. As the name suggests, it raises your HP and increases you defense against being pushed out of boats.

Bone Set

Kill the Apex in Dead Horse Lake, Golden Shores, Sapphire Bay, Prosperity Sands, Caviar Bay, and The Gulf. This set increases your damage to boats, which makes taking out hunters much easier.

You get this one by killing the Apex of the Fawtick Bayou. You will be quicker on land and can survive longer with this upgrade.

Mineral Digestion
Another one you get from raising you Infamy and killing a boss. Similar to the protein digestion, this one gives you more health from feeding and increases the amount of minerals you get from mineral sources.

Adrenal Glad
Raise your Infamy and kill a boss for this one. The Mutation gives you a big buff if your HP is low but outside of that does nothing.

Shadow Set
The Shadow set is acquired by finding all the landmarks in Dead Horse Lake, Golden Shores, Sapphire Bay, Prosperity Sands, Caviar Bay, and The Gulf. This set is great for poisoning enemies and slowly them down for a little while.

Fat Digestion
Unlocked by beating Scaley Pete in Sapphire Bay. This one will heal you more from eating things and increase the amount of fat you get from fat sources.

Brutal Muscles
This is the last upgrade you get from raising your Infamy and killed Capt Robert.

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