Mario Kart 8 Item List

Mario Kart 8 Item List

The items in Mario Kart are always one of the best features of the game. We’ve all had a moment where we thought we had won only to be knocked out of first place by the blue shell. Check out all the items in Mario Kart 8 here!

Mario Kart 8 Item List

Mario Kart 8 Blue Shell

There are a few new items but most of them have been seen before. Some have new effects.

Green Shell – A green turtle shell you can shoot forward or backwards, bounces if it doesn’t hit anyone.

Green Shell x3 – Same as above but you get three and they surround you while you while they have them. You can bump people with them and take them out.

Red Shell – A shell that homes in on the closest player in front of you. Cannot go through the air so if they are taking a jump it won’t follow.

Red Shell x3 – Three homing shells that surround your cart, players can run into them.

Coin – Gives you two coins for unlocks. These can be lost if you are hit by an enemy.

Banana – If you run into this you will spin out and lose coins. Can be tossed in front or behind you.

Triple Bananas – Three bananas surround you and you can toss them forward or backwards. Players can run into these on your cart.

Mushroom – Gives you a brief speed boost.

Triple Mushroom – Three mushrooms for three speed boosts. Players can hit you and get the boost themselves.

Golden Mushroom – Gives you the mushroom speed boost for a duration, you can use it for around 10 seconds.

Mari Kart 8 New Items

Fire Flower – You can shoot fireballs for a short time that can bounce and spin players out.

Star – Makes you invincible and speeds you up a bit. Any player you hit will spin out.

Blooper – Puts an inkblot on all enemy player screens making it more difficult for them to see.

Bob-omb – A bomb you can throw or drop that will blow up after a short time creating a AoE explosion. Anyone that gets hits by the fire spins out.

Spiny Shell – Also know as the blue shell, hits the player in first and anyone close to the player in first.

Lightning – Strikes all players except the one that uses the item. Makes them small, slower and they drop all items.

Bullet Bill – Makes player into a Bullet Bill and automatically drives a certain distance. Player is immune to all damage while they are the Bullet Bill and any enemies hit will spin out.

Boomerang Flower – An item you throw three times that goes forward and comes back just like a real boomerang, anyone hit will get spun out.

Crazy 8 – Cool new item that gives you eight items around your cart. Some of the items can be stolen while on your cart.

Super Horn – An AoE blast that hits any enemies around the player and destroys any items in the radius.

Potted Piranha Plant – Automatically bites players or items around the driver and gives a speed boost for each bite. Lasts about 10 seconds.

So there’s the whole Mario Kart 8 item list. Personally I like the Super Horn the most. What Item do you like the most? Leave a comment below and let us know!