Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 3D Model Location Guide

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 3D Model Location Guide
One of the collectibles in Marios + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the 3d Models. Some of these are handed to you while others are hidden in each of the worlds. Check out this Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 3D Model Location Guide to find them all while you are playing.

Mario And Rabbids 3D Model Locations World 1

World 1-1 3D Models

Mario – This is the first 3D model you can find. When you get to the area with the first red coin challenge, there is a switch near the exit of the area you can hit. Hit it and take the pipe on the left to find a red switch. Hit the red switch and go through the pipe that is past the red block you just removed to find a chest.

Garden Ziggy – After you go through the pipe and hit the red switch, take the pipe on the other side and hit the blue switch. This will remove the blue blocks blacking a path to the chest with the 3D model in it.

Rabbid Peach – World 1-2. After the third battle and right before the fourth you will find a tiny little white tunnel you can take. Take the tunnel and hit the switch on the other side and return through the tunnel. Now go back to the third battle and take the cannon at the start across the water to get the chest with Rabbid Peach in it.

Sunflower – World 1-2. You can’t miss this one. After you beat the fourth battle the Sunflower will talk to you and give you a chest. Inside the chest, you will find the Sunflower art.

Rabbid Luigi – World 1-2. You can’t get this chest until you beat the boss and return with a new ability. When you come back go to the second challenge are and go to the right. Move the block and take the cannon to the chest.

White Rabbids – World 1-4. After the second battle of 1-4, go back to the start of the battle area and take the small bridge down to a chest. Inside the chest, you will find the 3D model.

Garden Hopper – World 1-4. This one can be a little tricky. There is a maze during 1-4 that blocks you off with walls as you go. If you follow the right side path you will eventually make it to a switch. Hit the switch and then backtrack until you can exit on the right side and follow the path to the cave with the 3D model chest in it.

strong>Toad Friends – World 1-4 .This is one you get after you beat the first boss and you can push blocks. Go to the challenge 5 and then to the right. Push the block and open the chest to get the 3D model.

Pirabbid Plant -World 1-6. When you get to the area with the multiple cannons, take the middle one across to the other side. Hit the green switch to turn the cannon in the middle to the left and take it. Now his the blue switch to turn the bridge so it leads down to the chest below. Take the cannon back to the middle and hit the green switch to turn it around. Now take it to the other side and then take the cannon up top to make it to the side with the chest. Inside you will find the Pirabbid Plant 3D model.

Luigi – World 1-6. Right after the section with the cannons, you will end up in a jungle area. Follow the path to the left and there is a small crevice with a chest behind that.

Garden Smasher – World 1-6. You need to get the push ability before you can get this chest. Go to challenge 8 when you have it and there is a box near the entrance to that area that you can push. Take the tube and use the cannon at the bottom to get to the chest.

Toadette – This is in Peach’s Castle Hub area. Take the tunnel next to the Amiibo platform and follow the path around, past the bridge and there is a chest with this model in it.

Rabbid Kong – This is in the secret chapter in world 1. After you beat all the enemies, hit all the white switches and cross the bridge to get this chest.

World 2 3D Model Locations
Sherbert Ziggy – This is still in 2-1. when you are crossing the long bridge made of both snow and dirt, you will see frozen bloopers on the side. At the end of the path, there is a chest on the left with this inside.

Sherbert Hopper – Still in 2-1. You will eventually come to a spot with a ball you push on the ice and a red coin ring. Take the path that leads into a cave and push the block onto the switch to open the wall for this chest.

Sherbert Supporter – This is in 2-6 right after you take out the rabbid with the large shield. Keep progressing down the path and then go down the left path to the blocks on the ice. Get one of the blocks onto the blue switch and it will open a path to a chest with the model in it.

Sandy – This can be found near the box puzzle with the multiple colored boxes and the boxes you have to push. It is behind a small wall near the entrance to the area.

Blizzy – Same area as the last one but up a pipe near the far side of the box pushing puzzle.

Rabbid Mario – This is after the tough battle where ice brutes spawn in and you need to kill six units total. There is an ice block that is blocked by a red block. Go down the path and hit the red switch to move the red block and then take the canon back up top. Move the wooden box to the end of the path and then go back down to get the chest behind the blue block barrier.

Icicle Golem – You need to skill to pick up the statues before you can get this. Grab the statue near the cannon to world 2 and place it on the blue platform to open a blue wall. Go through the wall and open the chest for this model.

Sherbert Smasher – When you return to World 2, go to challenge 2 and take the path up to the right. Follow that until you can see a small path with a coin on it. Take the path and grab the statue and return to challenge 2. Put the statue on the red platform near there and take the cannon. On the other side, there are three chests and one of them has this model in it.

Peach – When you get into the windy desert part there are two white switches that you can put statues on. Go a little further down the path and there are two statues you can grab. Put them on the white switches and push the blocks to lower the red platform and take the tunnel. At the bottom, you will find this chest and you will also find access to the Secret Chapter.

Sherbet Buckler – This can be found after the challenge 8 Rabbid. When you find the blue switch that requires a statue, take the next tunnel and grab the statue there. Bring it back and open the blue wall to get the chest.

World 3 3D Model Locations
Spooky Ziggy – After the first fight a gate will open so you can progress. Go down the stairs and go through the left smaller gate and follow the path to the end for a chest with this model inside.

Spooky Peek-A-Boo – Can’t miss this one, after you rescue Toadette she will drop the chest for you.

Calavera – After you beat the mid-boss another gate will open up. Take that gate and go through the left little door and follow the path around to find this 3D model.

Spooky Buckler – You need to rock smash for this one. Take the path with the green flames and at the bottom go right. Bust the blocks near there and follow the path down to this chest.

Spooky Valkyrie – This can be found near the challenge 9 Rabbid. Take the left path and bust the rocks up there. Grab the chest and you will get this 3d model.

Rabbid Yoshi – After you break the rocks near challenge 9, hit the switch and then take the tunnel. Follow the path to the right and use the lifting ground to cross the area. Take the tunnel on the other side and then take the higher ground that comes up to retrieve the statue. Now take the statue down the tunnel and place it on the blue switch. Go through the wall that just went down and grab the chest.

Spooky Hopper – This can be found near the challenge 4 Rabbid. Near him, there are some blocks you can break and tunnel you can take to a chest with this model in it.

Spooky Smasher – This one is near the MME Bwahstrella station. Cross the bridge and around the corner from the green tent you can find this chest.

World 4 3D Model Locations
Lava Hopper – Right when you get into world 4 you can find this chest in the left corner.

Lava Smasher – This is in 4-1, after you beat the second battle and get your HP restored. when you go down the wooden bridge, take the path down the cliffside and there is a chest below with this model in it.

Lava Valkyrie – While still in 4-1 and right before 4-2 you there is a metal object you can enter. Inside there is a chest with this 3D model.

Lava Buckler – This is after the battle where you have to kill nine enemies, the one with a ton of brutes that spawn in. Before you cross the bridge drop down the green arrow and there is a chest below with the model.

Lava Peek-A-Boo – When you get to the area where you move the blue cylinder to make a path you can find this chest. Take the tube up to the solo blue switch and spin it until you can access the chest.

Mecha Jr – After the mid-boss you will run into another colored platform puzzle. At the end, you will need to grab the statue and then place it on the red platform to open the red door. Behind the red door, you will find the chest for this model.

Bwaluigi – After you take out the Waluigi and Wario rabbid you can find a chest near the start of 4-8 with this model in it.

Bwario – Same area as the Bwaluigi 3D model. Bust a few rocks and hit the switch to turn the tunnel over and then push the block over the cliff and take the tunnel. At the bottom, there is a chest you can grab with this inside.

Lava Supporter – This is near the challenge number 4 Rabbid. Progress until you see a red switch and drill through the rocks on the floor. Push the box onto the switch and take the cannon down for this model.

Yoshi – After you get the Lava Supporter, take the white tunnel down and you will find another chest with this 3D model.

Lava Queen – This is in the secret chapter in world 4, after you do the battle with Waluigi and Wario Rabbid in the secret chapter. Follow the path up until you make it to an area with a pushable block on top. Skip the block and instead go around the corner to find a chest with the model inside.