Mario Tennis Aces Racket Unlock Guide

Mario Tennis Aces Racket Unlock Guide
Want to know how to unlock more powerful rackets in Mario Tennis Aces? This Mario Tennis Aces Racket Unlock Guide will tell you where you can unlock each of the different tennis rackets in the game including associated challenges and stats for each racket. When you begin Adventure Mode in Mario Aces Tennis, you only have a single racket available. However, as you progress through the game completing challenges and missions, you can unlock additional rackets with better stats.

Outside of Mario’s stats, there are also stats for each racket. The stats are divided into three categories. Attack, Defense and Durability. Below is a brief explanation on how each of the stats effect the abilities of the racket.

Racket Stats

  • Attack – Determines how much damage you will inflict on your opponents racket
  • Defense – Determines how much damage your racket takes from enemy special shots
  • Durability – Determines how much total damage your racket can sustain before being broken

Now that you understand how each of the stats work, let’s look at how you unlock new rackets in Mario Tennis Aces.

Mario Tennis Aces Racket Unlock Guide

Marios Racket (Default)
Marios Racket
This racket is available from the start
Wooden Racket (Forest Edge)
Wooden Racket
This is a very simple challenge. You need to return balls without allowing the Spike to hit them. Use X shots, pressing with up on the analogue stick for long distance and down for short. Simply hit the ball over his head if he is at the net, or too far in front if he is standing at the back of the court. Build up your charge and save your special for the black piranha plants.
Mirror Racket (Detour)
Mirror Racket
You can find this racket next to the mansion in Boo’s territory. This is a Rally Challenge. You need to make sure you are able to use the slow down ability to cancel Boo’s Special Shots. Other than that, it’s a simple challenge. Be cautious for the swings that cause the ball trail to turn blue, these swerve and can send you the wrong way. Don’t waste your special unless it’s to counter his. You do not lose a point if he misses a ball, but you will if you miss a shot.

We are updating this Mario Tennis Aces Racket Unlock Guide as we progress through the game so check back soon to learn how to unlock more rackets.