Marvel’s Spider-Man How To Get More Landmark Tokens Guide

Marvel's Spider-Man How To Get More Landmark Tokens Guide
Landmark Tokens are needed to upgrade your Spider-Man Suits. This Marvel’s Spider-Man How To Get More Landmark Tokens Guide will tell you how to unlock Landmark Tokens and what you have to do in order to obtain them.

If you begin exploring very early in the story, you will unlock a variety of Spider-Man Suits and gadgets that require Landmark Tokens to make. However, the Landmark Tokens are not immediately available at the start of the game.

You need to progress through the main story. After a few missions you will have a task to head to a nearby Landmark and take a photograph. Taking the Photograph unlocks the ability for Spider-Man to locate Landmarks in and around the city using the map.

Once you have unlocked and completed this first landmark mission, you then have the ability to unlock future landmarks. This is How To Get More Landmark Tokens.

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