Marvel’s Spider-Man Spectograph Puzzle Guide

Marvel's Spider-Man Spectograph Puzzle Guide
Material Candidate Tests are a Spectograph puzzle in Marvel’s Spider-Man. This Marvel’s Spider-Man Spectograph Puzzle Guide will walk you through each of the different Material Candidate Tests so you can complete them quickly, easily, and obtain your rewards.

Spectograph Puzzles are an optional mini-game where Peter can attempt to identify special minerals through Material Candidate Tests. These begin quite simply but do get slightly more challenging as you progress through the game. Below is the solution for each Spectograph Puzzle.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Spectograph Puzzle Guide

At the start of Marvel’s Spider-Man the Spectograph Puzzle’s that are available are very limited in number. Only two are available the first time you visit the lab, the tutorial and then one more. That’s all of the puzzles for our Marvel’s Spider-Man Spectograph Puzzle Guide.

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