Mass Effect Andromeda Allies & Relationships Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Allies & Relationships Guide
Mass Effect Andromeda features a wealth of exciting and rewarding side content & missions that come in a manner of unique variations. This Mass Effect Andromeda Allies & Relationships Guide focuses on side quests that fall within the Allies and Relationships category including information on how to find each mission and what to do to complete it.

Many areas of Mass Effect Andromeda’s worlds cannot be explored when you first reach them. This is due to story restrictions and often, radiation systems. It’s advised that you complete a planet fully before trying to complete all of the side content at that location.

Mass Effect Andromeda Allies & Relationships Guide – Nexus

Missing Arks
This Allies & Relationships mission is unlocked after you complete the first few Priority Ops missions on the Nexus. You’re tasked with finding leads on the Salarian, Asari and Turian Arks. This is an umbrella quest. As you progress through the story you will naturally unlock more Allies & Relationships missions that center around each of the missing Arks so grab them as you move forward.
Ryder Family Secrets

After exploring the Nexus for the first time SAM will contact you and ask you to return to SAM Node to speak with him privately. This begins the Ryder Family Secrets Allies & Relationships mission. You are tasked with finding memory triggers scattered throughout the game before returning to SAM Node to have the memory unlocked. The first memory can be discovered inside Ryder’s fathers quarters on the Habitation Deck of the Hyperion, it’s the room North of the SAM Node.

The next memory can be found on Eos, a planet you visit during the main story. Once you have cleared the initial area and have access to the rover vehicle, search on a cliff to the South West to find the memory. You can find it on your map. You’re able to jump out and grab it before taking any damage. There’s another in the North West area of Eos and a third will appear once you construct the outpost on Eos during the main story.

When you reach a new planet use the map and you’ll find memories scattered across each planet.

Mass Effect Andromeda Allies & Relationships Guide – Eos

Research Center Development
Once you arrive at Eos you need to restore power and clear out the Kett. After you’ve progressed past that part explore the buildings to discover a Research Lab. Once you activate the power within the lab you can access its features. Use the Research Lab to craft a weapon and complete this task.

Mass Effect Andromeda Allies & Relationships Guide – The Tempest

Peebee: Secret Agent
This Allies and Relationships quest is available after you complete Eos. It is automatically added to your journal but you must check Peebee’s email to begin the actual quest itself. You need to travel to Voeld. Look to the East of the area and head towards the objective marker for Peebee: Secret Agent. When you arrive investigate the area for a Glyph and then solve the puzzle.

Peebee Secret Agent Puzzle

After you have the item return to the Tempest and speak with Peebee. She will then tell you to speak with her on the Nexus. When you speak to her on the Nexus you will unlock the Remnant VI skill, the ability to summon a Remnant pet in battle.

Liam Kosta: Outpost Worlds
This Allies and Relationships quest is available after you complete Eos. Shortly after, if you continue through the game, Liam will send you an email. This begins this mission. You need to evaluate planets for outpost potential.

Cora Haper: Outpost Worlds
This Allies and Relationships quest is available after you complete Eos. Shortly after, if you continue through the game, Cora will send you an email. If you don’t receive it by the time you complete Voeld, find Cora on the Tempest and speak with her there. This begins this mission.

Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet
After you complete planet Voeld check your email. One of the emails will give you this mission. You need to head to Havarl and check the objective marker for the Turian camp. After you find him at the camp there will be broken pieces of the ship on Havarl you need to scan. After you scan all of them you will be put on hold until after you do the main mission with Jaal and the Anagarian people. When this happens you will get an update to this mission and you can complete it.
Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe
Progress through the main story. During A Trail of Hope you will unlock this mission after using the video call for the first time.

Know Your Enemy
After you choose to destroy the base or save the prisoners, this quest will be added to your journal.

Cora Harper Asari Arc
This was either after the mission with Jaal and his people or after you get the Salarian Arc main mission. Talk to Cora and she will tell you she has head about some Asari that have landed at your base in Eos. Go down there and speak with them to find out about a signal on Voeld. Go to Voeld and check all the signals until you find the source. This will get you some encrypted data that Cora needs to figure out. Cora will Email you when she finds out what it means.

Cora Harper On Dutys Edge
When you get the email from Cora about the Asari Arc, you can then travel to it. There is going to be a fight on the ship so make sure you are ready. The Kett have invaded the ship and you have to help clear them out. After you do this you will have to disable three power cables to shut down the Mass Effect Field. After each cord is pulled, a wave of enemies will come to play. Clear them all and pull all the cords to get the Kett Hunters to board the ship. Fend off another wave of enemies and kill the Acendent to free the ship. You will then have a choice to make, have Cora expose the Asari Pathfinder or have her keep her mouth shut about it. If you have her keep her mouth shut about it, then the Asari Pathfinder stays as the Pathfinder.

Peebee: The Museum Trip
This mission becomes available through email shortly after completing elements of Kadara. Simply head to Ara and speak with Peebee at the museum to complete this mission.

Peebee: Remnant Scanner
After completing Peebee: The Museum Trip this mission becomes available. Initially you have to wait a while before reading an email from Peebee aboard the Tempest. After reading the email find Peebee on the Tempest and speak with her. She will ask you to find further pieces of Remnant tech. These are simple objective marked tasks so head to Eos, Havarl etc. Eventually you’ll need to hit up an Outlaw base on Kadara.
Turian Ark: Lost But Not Forgotten
Received via email after completing Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet. You will be send to Elaaden to find the anomaly out there. When you arrive on scene there are a few stasis pods there, all the Turian inside are dead. Scan them all and investigate the one that is powered up. After that, return to your ship and contact Avitus to find the Turian Arc. It is in bad shape but you can still get through it and find the Sam node on the other side. Sam says Avitus is to be the next Turian Pathfinder, and you can help him make that choice. After all of that, the Arc will return to the Nexus and you will have the Turian Pathfinder on your side.
The Little Things That Matter
This mission becomes vailable when you are “pinged” for data while in the Pytheas system on mission Cora Harper: Asari Ark. Once you are pinged scan the area to find a satellite that explodes on inspection. Then head back to the Tempest to speak with Addison on the vidcon. From there you will need to scan several different systems to progress with the mission. You also need to have placed all the outposts.

We’re updating this as we go so be sure to check back soon for more in our Mass Effect Andromeda Allies & Relationships Guide

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