Mass Effect Andromeda Heleus Assignments Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Heleus Assignments Guide
The Heleus Sector in Mass Effect Andromeda is full of extra Assignments for you to do. Some can easily be found while others are hidden behind random NPCs you can miss. Check out this Mass Effect Andromeda Heleus Assignments Guide to find and complete them all.

Mass Effect Andromeda Nexus Assignments

Station Sabotage
After you talk to the leaders of the Nexus, you will be allowed to move through the Nexus freely. Right next to the stairs you took up to talk to the leaders, there will be an engineer named Raj Patil who is having issues. He suspects there is sabotage going on and wants you to help him find out whats going on. Head to the way markers and use your scanning tool to scan the panels. From there look around a bit for a pipe to follow from the first panel to another panel and scan that panel. After a couple he will tell you who he thinks it is and ask you to go check her out. Head to the Tram and head to the area the suspect is in.

Speak to the woman there and she will also tell you about Sabotage. Tell her you think they are both being set up and you will have to go check out the security footage. Go to the Security Footage area in the Operations Area and check out the three video files there, they will all be corrupted. You will have to scan security guards until you get to Dale, who is near the Hyperion, and then confront him. You get the choice of telling him to leave or letting the leaders choose his fate. Choosing to let the leaders decide gets you get 73 Andromeda points and Exiling him gets you also gets you 73 Andromeda points.

First Murder
Speak to the woman here in the Nexus and she will ask you to help find out if he husband is innocent.

Mass Effect Andromeda First Murder

Go across the hall and talk to the Sergeant there and you will talk to the prisoner. He will tell you what happened in his own words. After that you should go speak with Kandros who is across the hall and say the case is closed as far as he is concerned. Check the terminal in the center of the room to hear the audio and then head up to speak with Shaw. Shaw will say the body was never recovered and you can go check it out if you want. Talk to Tann and he will tell you where it all went down. Head to Eos and follow the way points from there, scan the objects on the ground until you reach a beast nest. Kill the beasts and then you can find the Onmi Tool up against the wall with your scanner.

Return to Rensus and you can pick to either let Tann know or you can decide to testify. Either way you have to choose if he is exiled or if you let him go free. If you tell Tann to exile him, you will get experience, if you have Tann free him you get the same Exp and he is set free. If you just free himself yourself, same Exp and he says he will do community service to make up for it.

The Firefighters
This quest is gotten from the Email Terminal when you return to the Tempest after you put down a colony. Return to the Nexus and follow the objective marker to speak with Dr. Aridana. She will ask you to take some equations to SAM Node. When you arrive it turns out the equations harbored a virus. SAM needs your help to quarantine the virus. Follow the spirit figure to each console in order, this frees SAM.

Return to Dr. Aridana and she’ll send you on a mission to track down anti-AI personnel. Head to the Common Area and speak with the AI there, Avina. Following that you need to wait for an email before the next step.

After you return to the Nexus following the construction of your first outpost on Eos, head to the Strike Team Missions room in the Operations area of the Nexus (it may be tied to having completed X amount of Strike Missions). Speak with Lieutenant Sajax next to the table to receive this assignment. She will ask you to scan enemies around Andromeda. There are 20 you need to scan total. It’s a long but simple mission. Whenever you encounter a new type of enemy be sure to use the scanner on them to collect the intel she needs.
Sleeping Dragons
Another one you get after you drop down a colony. Go to the left area of the Common area in the Nexus to find a little squabble going on. Talk to the people and they will tell you they want their families thawed first. I’m not 100% sure if this is because I chose to drop a military colony or not. Head to Kandros and talk to him about the protest and he will get the others. They will ask what you think of the situation and what you would do. You can either agree with the protesters or say they need to be kept in cryo. If you choose to keep them in Cryo, you will get 73 Andromeda points for it.

If you choose to free them from Cryo head to the Pod Control terminal objective. You get 72 Andromeda Points.

Eos Assignments

Secret Project
This can be found on Eos when you land, might be best left for after some of the story.

Mass Effect Andromeda Secret Project

When you go to the quest you will have to restore the power to the station and open the door. This will send out a new hulking beast you have to kill and some Kett as well. Once they are out of the way, you will have to collect components. Collect the one in the base and then go collect the one at the second Remnant Tower. After that get in your Nomad and head out to the last component in the desert. Return back to the compound and scan the project for some Milky Way research and some EXP.

Shock Treatment
After you form your first outpost on Eos you can get this quest from there. You have to interact and scan two things in the camp. When you do that you will have to head back up to a Remnant Tower and scan some of the older equipment on the ground. This will trigger the next part which has you racing to the survivors who have done something stupid and woken up some Remnant. Get there, kill the Remnant, tell the survivors how stupid they are and you are finished.

Tempest Assignments

Excess Baggage
After you visit the Angara’s home world of Aya and return to the Tempest speak with Suvi on the bridge. She will tell you that the Tempest is carrying additional weight and ask you to find out what it is. You need to use your scanner and travel to each of the different rooms on the ship. Typically you’re looking for a metal structure inside the walls. The exact location of the additional weight may change locations but for me, it was in the room behind the area where you store the Nomad. On the left hand side as you enter the door.

After finding the unit within the wall, return to the bridge to finish off this mission.

Voeld Assignments

You can get this in the camp with the resistance leader, on a data pad that has a ! over it. Talk to Olisk down below where you got the quest and tell him you will help. This will give you a way point out in the frozen wastes. Hop in your Nomad and go to the way point and kill the enemies there, this will complete the quest.
Remove The Heart
This one should actually be a main mission because I’m pretty sure you have to do it. After you free Niilj for the Stage A Rescue Mission, go to Techiix and talk to Buxil. She will talk about a Kett base and wants your help taking it out. Not going to lie, this is a long fight. Work your way up the mountain with the Nomad and clear out any Kett along the way. When you are at the base you have to disable three consoles and then a fourth. When the happens you have to disable two defense nodes which you can find with your scanner near the next way marker.

This is where it can get tough. Drop down into the under belly of the base and go to the hangers you have to destroy. Destroying them isn’t that bad, use consoles, use next consoles, repeat. When the boss comes out this is where you might get beat down. He has a orb that circles around him that will make his shield stay up, destroy the orb to lower his shield and take him down.

You can find this one here on the map.

Mass Effect Andromeda Intercepted

Pretty basic side quest here. Talk to the guy and then check the terminal next to him. Go to the way point and interact with the meteor. This will attract some enemies you need to kill. Try to interact with it and then more enemies will come. Clear them out and then interact with the meteor again and you can choose to research it or not. I chose to research it and so far nothing has happened.

The Lost Song
You can find this here on the map.

Mass Effect The Lost Song

Talk to the biologist on the platform and he will ask you to find the poachers. There are tow markers and if you search one with a scanner you will get some info on the Poachers camp. Go to the camp and fight your way into the cave there. At the end of the cave you will find a doctor who wants to talk with you. You have to make the choice to let her continue her research or stop her.

If you choose to let her continue, the Doctor will contact the resistance and you will gain 2% livability for the planet. If you choose to stop her SAM sends her research to the Resistance an Jaal agrees with your choice.

Brought To Light
This one can also be found here.

Mass Effect The Lost Song

You have to go to some ruins and check on some people. when you get there Kett are attacking and you have to fight them off. There will be a second wave of enemies that come in after that you have to defeat as well. When you defeat them the Turian will say what they were up to and hand over a map. You can then go back to the quest giver and if you have Jaal with you, he will tell the quest giver to join the resistance. Return the map to Resistance HQ and complete the mission.

Bridge Sabotage
This is a quick quest found here on the map.

Mass Effect Andromeda Bridge Sabotage

Clear out the Kett on the bridge and interact with the detonator there. There are four bombs on the bridge you will have to defuse. Go the markers and they are pretty easy to spot. One of them is on the outside of a support line on the bridge, that’s the only difficult one to find.

Missing Science Crew
You get this when you drop a colony onto the planet. Talk to the scientist in the colony and then interact with the data pad. This will lead to a place with a bunch of dead bodies. Near one of the ripped parts of the ship there is another data pad to interact with. This will lead to a boss right with a huge Remnant. Its pretty cut and dry, target legs, target head, kill Remnants that spawn, destroy the leg and follow it. There is plenty of ammo and health to use around as well. I used incendiary ammo to help with the damage, use whatever you have.

The Lost Scout
This is from the resistance HQ when you land on the planet. You will be asked to help find a missing scout who is at some ruins. Go to the ruins and she is inside behind a locked door. You have to go into the next room and shoot through the redish looking door that is partially open. There is a terminal in the next room that will let you power up the door she is in and enter. Here you have a choice, let her stay or shoot the Kett and force her back home.
Medical Caches
This is the other quest you get at Resistance HQ. Talk to the doctor there and he will ask you to refill Supply Caches for him. Scan and interact with the cache in the back and then set out. There are three total and they are all pretty easy to find. The one at the top of the mountain might require you to have started “Remove The Heart” quest before you you can do it, not sure because I had it completed before I went up there.
Uncovering The Past
This quest came to me after I completed “Remove The Heart”. You have to explore an old ice cave and clear out Kett while freeing Angara. At the end there is an AI and you can kill the AI or keep it alive. You can also have the AI merge with Sam or give it to the Angara. I had it merge with Sam, I will update if this has any effect later. Giving the AI to Angara doesn’t seem to do anything.

Havarl Assignments

Helping Havarls Scientists
This is the mission that brings you to Havarl. When you get to Harvarl, talk to the scientists at the base and they will ask for your helping getting the researchers out of trouble. Go to the way marker and there will be another one of them Rune Puzzles. Here is the answer if you need help, the runs are in the room, just follow the wires under the ground with your scanner.

Mass Effect Andromeda Helping Havarls Scientists

Return to the base on Havarl to turn this in.

A Dying Planet
You can get this at Havarl’s main base, this is the main mission that restores most of the planet.

First you will have to find the entrance to the sanctuary, which is located on the map. Use the Scanner and follow the line underground to open the door. From there jump up and take the gravity well to the other side. Fight your way up to the top and talk to Asmus and he will ask you to find him a heirloom. It is in some other Remnant Ruins that he will mark on your map, I had already cleared this out so I don’t know if you have to fight or not. This will let you cross the bridge to the other side of the area. Clear out all the enemies and talk with Taavos there.

He will tell you where the last Monolith is and he will meet you there. Follow him until you can actually go to the Monolith entrance. When you are there you will have to restore the power to get to the purification console. It is pretty simple, each console has a little pillar that comes up with a glowy orb on it. It will have one, two , three or four depending on the console. So use the consoles with the one pillar first and the second with two and so on. This will open the door. There is another consoles in the Purify room that has a rune puzzle, here is the guide. \

Mass Effect Andromeda A Dying Planet

I’m not sure if you have to do this or not, I got two skill points from it. When you activate the Purification console some Remnant will spawn and to open the door to escape you will have to kill them. When the door is open, get to the last console and activate it to stop the death mist from getting to you.

You get this after you complete A Dying Planet. Return to the base on the planet and talk to the Nexus scientists who have landed and agree to help them. First part is pretty simple, kill enemies at the way points and scan them for data. The last one is a pretty big ogre like creature that will ruin you if you let it get close, plan your attack carefully here. After you scan all three you have to rain an enemy base.

Clear out the enemies and you will need to access the console in the base. You can either delete the data or copy the data and delete it. I copied it and gave it to the Nexus people and I got 5% Viability in return, they also mentioned something about helping defend from attacks later.

Forgotten Stars
Another one you get from HQ after you complete A Dying Planet. This one is pretty simple, go to her house and try to use the console there. It doesn’t work so you have to try another console in the wilderness. Interact with that console and return to the quest giver to complete this mission.
A Lost Sister
You can get this before you complete A Dying Planet, but can’t complete it until after you do A Dying Planet. At the Sage area on Havarl there will be a quest. A guy is looking for his sister and isn’t sure where she is. Go to the way point and try to access the panel there. Behind the panel there will be a generator you can use after to restore power to the Panel, this will give you the info you need. Return to the Sage and he will not be sure what to do. Tell him not to let fear guide him and he will go be with his sister.

Aya Assignments

Trading Favors
You get this in Aya from a trader in the port. You have to go to Voeld and check out the supply wagon. Scan the body, the crates and then the broken debris in the area. This will have the Kett launch an ambush, kill them and then loot the last crate.
Recovering The Past
Another simple retrieval quest that you get in Aya. Go to the way marker on Havarl and scan the downed ship then interact with it. Return to Aya and turn it in.

Kadara Assignments

Counting Bodies
When you go down to the Planet Surface of Kadara you can pick this quest up. Pretty simple, go to the way points and scan the bodies, all of them are in the acid pools.
Modern Medicine
This is one of the main quests of Kadara. YOu have to find out about the Drug use down in the slums and the Doctor will ask you to get the Serum from his old research base. Go there and you will have a fight. The Asari will try to keep the Serum, you can let her if you want but she seemed like she was lying to me.
A People Divided
You can get this by scanning the body up in the city hub of Kadara. Go down to the slums and speak with Reyes down there. He will ask you to go check out a crime scene and scan all the clues. Scan all the clues and the footprints and knife outside and that will lead you to the Roekar hide out. Fight your way out of that and Reyes will reward you and you will complete the quest.
Precious Cargo
This is another Reyes quest, you have to do it as part of the main quest for putting down a Colony here. Talk to Reyes and then meet him at the bar and agree to help him. Head out into the wilds and go to the way point, use your scanner to follow the pipe underground to a terminal. Use the terminal to find the Datapad and Reyes will contact you.
The Baryte Rush
This is found at the bar in the slums of Kadara. Talk to the Salarian in the back and he will ask you to go check up on his surveyor in some mines. Go to the way point and scan the body there, return to Derc after to complete the quest.
Mixed Messages
You can find this on the main level of Kadara from a guy named Jim. He wants you to go talk to his Girlfriend about something at the bar in the slums. Go talk to her and she will send you back to tell him she isn’t your boyfriend.

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for more Mass Effect Andromeda Guides.

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