Mass Effect Andromeda – Save The Angara Or Destroy The Facility

Mass Effect Andromeda - Save The Angara Or Destroy The Facility
During your play through of Mass Effect Andromeda you will run into a major choice on the ice planet. You have to destroy the facility and ruin the Kett’s plans or free the Angara and help the Angara get their strength back. Check out this guide to find out which choice is right for you.

Save The Angara Or Destroy The Facility Mass Effect Andromeda

It is pretty clear who sides with which option in this. Jaal wants to free his friends and Moshae wants to destroy the facility so the Kett lose their foothold here.

If you destroy the facility, the Cardinal will attack but Jaal will take him down. You will have to fight your way out of the facility and it can be a tense fight. Use your special ammo to help you out. Afterwards you will talk to Moshae on the ship and Jaal won’t make a huge deal out of it. She will explain what happened at the facility and will agree to help you find the vault.

If you leave it intact you can still kill the Cardinal as she tries to walk way. You will still have to fight your way out but at the end you get a second cut scene with the Resistance fighters escorting out their people. Moshae will change what she says and give you an attitude about not listening to her opinion, but she will still take you to the vault. When you get back to the Angara city, Jaal will mention this to the leaders and he will be pleased about you helping the Resistance.

During the last fight, the Angaraians you saved come help you during the fight if you don’t destroy the facility. It is basically three NPC Angara who fight with you for a couple of waves of enemies.

There might be a fight later or something where they come to help you out, so far nothing major has changed one way or another.

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