Mass Effect Andromeda – Save Krogan Scouts Or Save Pathfinder Raeka

Mass Effect Andromeda - Save Krogan Scouts Or Save Pathfinder Raeka
Another major choice you will get in Mass Effect Andromeda is between saving the Krogan scouts or Pathfinder Raeka. One helps the Korgans out while the other helps out the Salarians. Check out this guide to find out if you should save the Korgan Scouts or save Pathfinder Raeka in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Save Krogan Scouts Or Save Pathfinder Raeka Mass Effect Andromeda

If you choose to save Pathfinder Raeka you will have to fight with her to the Salarian captives. This is a pretty big fight so take your time and stick behind cover. There is one of those shield Kett at the end, make sure you don’t get caught in his melee field or it could be game over. You and the extra Salarians escape and the Salarian Ark makes it out as well. On the bridge Pathfinder Raeka will say sorry for making you choose to save her. Drack will not be happy about it and tell the Pathfinder she has to earn it. Drack has to explain to his clan why you left the scouts behind. More importantly, they are still under Archon control and that means more Behemoth Korgan like the one you faced on the ship. This is one of the first real choices that you know what the outcome will be. The Salarians will, of course, be very happy with you. There is also a brief cut scene showing the Krogan still under Archon control going into the changing chamber. Kallo will be very happy that you saved his Pathfinder as well.

If you choose to save the Krogans, you get the same fight as you would with Raeka but with a Krogan at your side instead. When you rescue the Krogan Ryder tries to contact Raeka, she doesn’t answer and he says I’m sorry. Instead of talking with Raeka on your ship you will talk to Captain Hayjer. He will be next in line to be the Pathfinder for the Salarians. Drack will be very pleased with you helping his scouts. Ryder comments about the Salarian’s being left behind and Drack will tell Ryder to focus on what went right. Instead of Krogans you see the Kett using the Salarians, this might mean you will get enemy mutated Salarians later. This does mean you shouldn’t have to deal with Krogan Behemoths fighting to the Kett since you freed the scouts. If you speak to Kallo about it, he will be sad about Pathfinder Raeka but he won’t freak out or anything over it.

When you return to the Nexus, Director Tann will ask you for a few words. When you go to speak with the leadership on the Nexus Tann will not be happy if you leave the Pathfinder behind. Captain Hayjer will come to back you when you talk about your plan to get through Meridian, but Tann shuts him down. If you save the Pathfinder then of course Kesh will be upset and Tann will be pleased. Pathfinder Raeka will come in and back your plan but again, Tann shuts her down. I think if I had more Pathfinders at this point they would have jumped in as well but I only had the Salarian one.

During the last Battle the Krogan scouts will come aid you for a couple fights if you help them out during this part. If you saved the Salarians, they will come help you but you also have to deal with Behemoth Krogans in the last fight.

This is the first time I actually felt my choices were coming together for something bigger. If anything else changes I will be sure to update the guide. Check back soon for more Mass Effect Andromeda Guides.

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