Metal Gear Sold 5 The Phantom Pain Guide: How To Capture Quiet

Metal Gear Sold 5 The Phantom Pain Guide: How To Capture Quiet
Quiet is an enemy sniper that you will run into while you in Afghanistan. She is like a mini boss and be killed or captured depending on how you take her out. This is how you capture Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5.

How To Capture Quiet In Metal Gear Solid 5

You will want to mark her when you can, when she moves the mark will disappear. When you get close she will wait around long enough for you to get a shot in but then she will leave again. The easiest way to get her early is to bring the Tranq Sniper rifle. You will need to develop the first sniper rifle and then you can make the Tranq one. You can do it with the Tranq Pistol as well but it much harder because you will have to get close to land a shot. Pentazemin will help with the weapon sway if you are having a hard time shooting.

Each time you head shot her, the blue bar will drop by about 25% and she will move. When she moves you will have to move so you can figure out where she has moved. Use the white directional marker to assist in finding her. Once you find her, mark her and get into a spot where you can take a shot. If you are pinned down don’t worry, she will move eventually and you can just wait her out.

This is the spot I used for all of my shots on her, I didn’t have to move at all. This gives you a great couple of spots to hide and makes it so she has to attack from certain angles. Use this to your advantage to win the sniping war.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Quiet Boss Battle Sniper Spot

Metal Gear Solid 5 How To Capture Quiet Guide

Should I kill or capture Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5

Like I said above you CAN do it with the Tranq pistol, but it would take alot more time and be way more risky. After she is down you will have a choice, kill her or bring her back to base. I’m not sure what shooter her will do because I choose to capture her. If you bring her back she will escape from the chopper briefly and come back to help you. Honestly the fact that she left and came back has me a bit worried for down the line.


After a few more main missions I can now use Quiet as a buddy. Still not sure if shes 100% on my side or not but she is a great support unit.

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