Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Guide: Important Side Ops Guide

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Guide: Important Side Ops Guide
Every now and then during your Side Ops in Metal Gear Solid 5 you will get an important Op. These Ops will help you get key characters and equipment for your soldiers and base. This Metal Gear Solid 5 important side ops guide will help you beat them all as you come across them.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Important Side Ops Guide

The first one you get is after mission 10.

Make Contact With Emmerich – This mission takes place in Serak Power Plant in Afghanistan. You probably won’t have a close landing zone so bring D Horse and hoof it. I also recommend silence weapons and doing the mission at night. On your way up there you will run into Quiet and have to do a battle with her. I wasn’t ready for a fight with her so I just got out of the area and moved onto the power plant.

Overall sneaking through the power plant was pretty easy, Just hug the left side with the mountain and use it as cover, you should run into two or three soldiers. Use the Tranq gun on them and put their bodies out of sight. You should see the communication equipment in a building, I destroyed it but it put me in alert status. This actually helped me out because I could sneak by while the guards went to check out the equipment. Unlock the door at the back and you will get a cut scene. This will move you into mission 12 and complete the side op.

Visit Quiet – You get this after doing a few of the Main Missions. When you return to Mother Base, visit Quiet in here cell to learn about her. After this you can use her as a buddy.

Eli’s Challenge – This has you doing battle with Eli again after you already beat him once. This mission is pretty deep into Chapter 1 so you won’t see it for awhile.

This time he has flash bangs and moltovs he will toss at you. I ran him through the pipes and when he would stop I would sneak up and toss him. When he would run after I tossed him I would put a Tranq dart in him, not 100% sure if it made a difference or not. After tossing him and counter attacking him about 5 times he gave up and I beat the mission.

Extract the AI Pod – Not gonna lie, this one is pretty difficult to do without being caught. You can find the AI pod here if oyu forget where you found Huey earlier.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Extract The AI Pod

I snuck in at the lower part of the base, be careful of the mines. If you keep to the near the mountain you can encounter only a couple of enemies. Once you see the warehouse you need to get into for the mission, use your scope to make sure it is clear and go for it. If you get caught just take out anyone you come across, the warehouse won’t open with and alert on.

Secure The Remains Of The Man On Fire – Honestly, for this one, just lay waste to the base. You can find his corpse right in the middle of the base.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Secure the remains of the man on fire

Search for the Escaped Children 01 – All you have to do for this one is grab the child and extract him. Here is where you can find him.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Escaped Children 1

You can actually hop the wall right near there to the facility. Once you are across, head to the door and take out the guard in front. Grab the kid inside and extract him to beat it.

Search for the Escaped Children 02 – This one was alot harder for me but I ended up getting caught early.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Escaped Children 2

The kid is inside the house, on the second floor. I went through with my silenced assault rifle head shotting all the enemies that came to me. Like I said I got caught early so they were looking around as it was.

Search for the Escaped Children 03 – You find this kid in the ruins where you fought Quiet. He is up a tower that is protected by a bear. Bring a Tranq sniper rifle if you want to capture the bear and head shot it.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Search for the Escaped Children 03

You can find a crack to climb along the side of the tower he is in. Be careful when you go to move him, Boss went to the front automatically for me and fell to his death.

Search for the Escaped Children 04 – You can find the kid here on the map.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Search for the Escaped Children 04

He is on the third floor and you will have to walk along some skinny paths to get him. Bring D Dog if you are having a hard time spotting him.

Search for the Escaped Children 05 – Last but not least is this kid.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Search for the Escaped Children 05

This one is up in the cave/ruins area on the second floor. He is protected by the zombie like troops so go for headshots on them. You can capture them as well if you need any extra troops. Grab him and extract him to get a new cut scene at Mother Base.

Secure Quiet – You get this mission after you beat mission 44. There is a camp with about 10 soldiers in it and there is where you can find the Intel for the next main mission. Clear them out and check the buildings for the Intel.

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