Metro Exodus Side Quest Guide

Metro Exodus Side Quest Guide
While not totally obvious, Metro Exodus features a number of rewarding side quests you can complete. This Metro Exodus Side Quest Guide will tell you where you can find each of the different side quests we’ve discovered, how you can solve them and who you can help on the Aurora.

Side quests are typically passive in Metro Exodus. This means, instead of simply speaking to someone to get a side quest, you usually get them from being in proximity to someone when they discuss their problems. These are usually found when hanging around your allies on the Aurora.

Metro Exodus Side Quest Guide

Finding The Guitar
Finding The Guitar
You receive this Side Quest via a radio call when you are sent to infiltrate the town at the bridge. X will speak with you and tell you about a nearby bandit stronghold that has a guitar. You can find the guitar icon on the map. You will find the guitar atop the tower at the bandit camp. Right at the top, leaning against some metal scaffolding.
Finding The Teddy Bear
After you return to the train the second time, you will have to convince the commander to let the Nurse come with you. When you finish that, leave the train and listen to the Little girl outside. She will talk about a teddy bear and mark it on your map. She also talks about the flying demons so be ready. Head to the marker but make sure you have your gas mask and some HP kits. At the top of one of the oil tanks you can find the bear near a Flying Demon. The demon sleeps in the day, you can sneak up without waking it if you want. I killed it on standard with a Moltov and about 20 AK rounds.

Plane Cache
This happens after you escape the crazy cultist guys in the Winter area. When you escape the water from the giant fish, you get a side quest from Duke who helps you out of the water. Stand around long enough for him to give you a map marker and check your map. Head to the downed airplane, and in the cockpit you will find an upgrade point and a scoped AK in the doorway. The upgrade you get is a compass you can attach to your wristband when you get to a Workbench.
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