Metro Exodus Upgrade Location Guide

Metro Exodus Upgrade Location Guide
While you don’t level up in Metro Exodus, there are upgrades to be found in the world. Check out this Metro Exodus upgrade location guide to make sure you don’t miss any. Some of these upgrades are game changers.

Metro Exodus Upgrade Location Guide

Wrist Compass Upgrade
You can easily miss this quest by running from Duke after he helps you out of the water. If you stay around and listen he will mark a downed Plane on your map. Inside that plane you will find the compass up in the cockpit. You can equip it at a workbench when you unlock the workbench. It is also very close to the train you came in on.

Metro Exodus Compass Location

Ammo Pouch Upgrade
This are is a bandit camp and they have some prisoners inside. Clear out the camp and free the prisoners and you will get a key from the prisoners. The key is used elsewhere, but before you leave grab the armor upgrade in the base.

Ammo Pouch Upgrade Metro Exodus

Throwing Weapons Harness Upgrade
You have to go to this gas station for the story but you can miss the armor easily. After you clear out the gas station, go inside and in the back room with the radio you can find the armor on a shelf there. You can only have one armor upgrade on at a time, so you have to pick more ammo or more thrown weapons.

Thrown Weapons Harness Location Metro Exodus

Reinforced Helmet Upgrade
This is in another bandit camp that you will want to clear out. There is a building in the ruins that has a couch, a desk, a fire and a shelf. Inside of that area, near the fire you will find the helmet. With this one you will have increased armor over your default helmet.

Reinforced Helmet Upgrade Metro Exodus

Night Vision Upgrade
You can get the Night Vision upgrade earlier if you got the key from the prisoners in the bandit camp. If not you, will have to go all the way around the train and unlock a door here to get the Night Vision. It is on the table in the locked room, it is the door near the switch to get the train moving.

Night Vision Upgrade Metro Exodus

Motion Sensor Upgrade
This upgrade won’t be found until you get to the desert area of the game. Clear out the bandit came here on the map and towards the top you will find the upgrade on a table. If you make it up to the Work Bench in the area you have gone to far.

Motion Scanner Metro Exodus

Extra Bright Flashlight Upgrade
Another desert upgrade and this one in a safe house. you can find it here on the map. If you sleep there be careful, when I left some bandits had moved in.

Extra Bright Flashlight Metro Exodus

NVD Amplifier Upgrade
This one is also in the desert and you will have to fight to get it. You have to face both human and ghouls on your way to the top of this building. Inside the safe room, next to the work bench you will find the upgrade on a chair.

NVD Amplifier Upgrade Metro Exodus

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