Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Online Conquest Guide

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Online Conquest Guide
After you take out your first fortress in Shadow of War you will unlock Online Conquest. This mode lets you invade player bases and allows you to defend your own base. Check out this Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Online Conquest Guide to win more matches.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Online Conquest Tips

Shadow Of War Online Conquest Offense Tips

Bring A Good Bodyguard – This might seem like a no-brainer but the timing is important as well. During the final battle to take the keep, it will be you alone vs the lead enemy Orc and his cronies. Having a strong bodyguard here will help you win the battle quicker. You are timed and to get the gold you have to be quick. A bodyguard can do damage or just distract other Orcs leaving you to the main Orc. I try to bring one that comes with a little war party and some rot of elemental weapons. Be careful with poison archers, they tend to AoE attack and hurt you as well.

You Will Lose Orc Generals – There isn’t much you can do about it. When they are climbing the walls and the walls break down, the Orc is defeated. The best bet is to bring some good strong Orcs but not legendary or Epic ones. Bring ones you are okay with losing but on the off chance they do make it, they can be useful in the fight as well. Again, elemental weapons are very helpful here but remember that Talion will be doing most of the work ultimately.

Upgrade Your Assault Forces – You can spend money to add extra units to your invasion forces. There are three choices and you can only bring one at a time so choose wisely. These will make it easier to take the points so the match goes quicker. As far as Siege beasts are concerned be careful. They are useful but they will harm your units and maybe even Talion if you get in the way. Normally the amount of damage they do outweighs the amount of harm they do to your forces. Try a couple of different variations to find out what suits you best. Sometimes a balanced team or ranged and melee does well and other times you just want savage Orcs rushing the enemy.

Talion Is The Key – The assault forces will break down the walls and distract Orcs from you but you will be doing most of the work. Focus on taking down Orcs on the points quickly and use executions and arrows to make it go faster. Don’t forget about the environment explosives and fires to make it easier. When you face multiple general Orcs, try to take down the easiest first or gather them all up for your Elven Rage. Bringing a poison and fire weapon can really help reduce time when facing the Overlord as well. Make sure you have both in case one of them doesn’t work well on the Overlord. You have to move fast to get that gold, so don’t overthink everything.

Shadow Of War Online Conquest Defense Tips

Your Best Orcs Go Here – You have no control over the battles during defense, it is up to your Orcs. Put your best ones on defense and hope for the best. Make sure they have good perks and that you’ve upgraded them. Legendary Orcs are the best but you can make due with Epics if you have too. If you keep losing defense matches then switch them out, don’t be afraid to experiment. I’ve lost about three defense matches and so far none of the Orcs I have assigned to my base have been killed.

Level Up Your Orcs – After you take the first Fortress you can go to the Fighting Pits. Use this to upgrade Orc Levels to 20 minimum and go from there. You do run the risk of losing an Orc here, but if they die in the pits they weren’t going to be useful to your team anyways. The good news is if one dies in the pit, you can recruit the one that killed them. Certain rings, runes, and weapons can increase the level of the Orcs you recruit as well, keep an eye out for equipment like this.

Overlord Orcs Need Good Perks – This can’t be overstated enough. A mandatory perk for my overlords is either Defy Death or No Second Chance. Defy Death means that on the killing blow they come back with a bit more HP. They might not win, but they have a better shot this way. No Second Chance makes it so Talion can’t resist death the first time around and if he falls, he loses. Other good perks include extra units, elemental weapons, extra HP and defense or AoE moves like bombs. An AoE fire or poison attack can really mess up an attacks day.

Upgrade Your Fortress – You can spend cash to upgrade your Fortress just like you could with your assault forces. The walls are the most important upgrade right away but make sure you have one in each category. Only one can be used per battle and if you switch Orcs, make sure to select it again. These will slow down and maybe even defeat an attacker outright if they get caught in a bad spot. Even if you can’t win, denying a player the gold is better than nothing.

We are updating this as we go. If you have any tips to add, leave a comment and we will add it.

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