Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Color Guide

Monster Hunter Egg 3

One of the main features of Monster Hunter Stories 2 is the hatching of eggs you find in the wild. Check out this Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Color guide to find out which egg hatches which monster. This way you can forsure bring back the creature you want when you are searching in dens.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Color Guide

Blue And Red Wyvern Egg

Monster Hunter Egg 1

The blue and red Wyvern egg will hatch into the Velocidrome dinosaur with the jump ability. You will get one of these automatically by going through the story.

Purple And Blue Wyvern Egg

Monster Hunter Egg 2

The purple and blue Wyvern egg is the Yian Kut-Ku which is one of the first bosses in the game. The Kut-Ku can break certain walls with it’s head.

Red And White Wyvern Egg

Monster Hunter Egg 3

The red and white Wyvern Egg is the Kulu Ya Ku, the dinosaur that picks up the rock and uses it as a shield. It also improves searching of nests.

Green And Grey Herbivore Egg

The green and grey Herbivore Egg will hatch a Aptonoth, which is a good healing ally in combat. You can also use it to help you find more plants.

Brown And White Egg

I don’t have a picture of this egg but the Pig monster comes out from it. You can ride this one and dash quicker on the map.

Green and Purple Fanged Egg

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Color Guide

The green and purple egg will net you an Arzuros, which is the bear monster. It has rock break and honey search as its map skills.

Green and Yellow Leviathan Egg

Monster Hunter Egg 5

The green and yellow leviathan egg has the Royal Ludroth inside of it and this one is important. The Ludroth will allow you to swim to areas you couldn’t get to before.

White And Pink Flying Wyvern Egg
Monster Hunter Egg 6

The white and pink flying wyvern egg has the Paolumu in it, which is the one that puffs its neck out when you fight it. I believe this one can fly at some point, but for now the skill is only a ??? for me.

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