Monster Hunter World Grimalkyne Guide

Monster Hunter World Grimalkyne Guide
What are the Grimalkyne quests and what rewards do they give? This Monster Hunter World Grimalkyne Guide will tell you how to unlock the Grimalkyne quests in each area, what relation they have to the mysterious Doodles and what rewards you receive for each quest.

The Grimalkyne are a Palico like race that inhabit the various areas of Monster Hunter World. While usually hidden, their location can be revealed through tracking. As you explore maps you will come across strange Doodles, these are the markings of the Grimalkyne. Once you have discovered enough Doodles you can open your map in Expedition. Look to the lower left and you will see the option to track the Doodles, the exact name depends on the area.

Below is the location of each of the Grimalkyne quests in each of the areas they are available.

Ancient Forest Grimalkyne – Bugtrappers

Ancient Forest Grimalkyne - Bugtrappers
The Ancient Forest Bugtrappers Grimalkyne can be found in the North East. If you have unlocked all the camps travel to the Ancient Forest Camp 17 and head west. Once you get to the location you will see a Palico type creature. Follow it across the vines and climb up until you reach its camp. Once you reach the camp you will unlock a special Palico Gadget, the Flashfly gadget.

Wildspire Wastes Grimalkyne – Protectors

Wildspire Wastes Grimalkyne - Protectors
The Wildspire Wastes Grimalkyne can be found in Section 15. If you have access to all the camps simply travel to Northeast Camp 15 and you’re right around the corner. Once you reach the camp you will unlock a Critical Bounty: Cultural Exchange: Wildspire Waste. You need to locate and capture 3 Protectors using your net. Below is a screenshot showing the location of each of the Protectors. If you get close, they will flee. Use your stealth items or approach from the rear.

Protector #1
Protector #2
Protector #3

Rotten Vale Grimalkyne – Plunderers

Where To Find The Plunderblade In Monster Hunter World
You can find the Plunderers at the location I’m at above. When you reach the location the Palico will flee, prompting you to chase it. Your Palico will mark the direction so simply follow it to the next location. When you arrive the Palico will retreat again, eventually ending up in Section 15. Once in Section 15, the Palico will retreat up onto the rocks. Once they are up on the rocks, you will need to drop Raw Meat on the floor.

Once you drop the Raw Meat they will come down and you can speak with them to get the Plunderblade.

Coral Highlands Grimalkyne – Troupers

Coral Highlands Grimalkyne - Troupers
Head to this location to find some Palico riding some Shamos. You have to take them down so don’t worry if they attack you. After you kill the mounts the Palico flee to Section 11. Follow them there to find their camp. They will ask you to kill two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. Take them down to complete the quest and receive the Coral Orchestra Gadget.

That wraps up our Monster Hunter World Grimalkyne Guide. If you have any questions, please post a comment below.

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