Monster Hunter World Tailraider Safari Guide

Monster Hunter World Tailraider Safari Guide
Once you unlock the Tailraider Safari you can send Palico’s out to gather materials. This Monster Hunter World Tailraider Safari Guide covers the basic elements of this exciting side activity including details on some very rare ingredients, as well as the method to get the best results.

Monster Hunter World Tailraider Safari Guide

The Tailraider Safari missions become available as you progress through the story. You can either unlock it at the Research Base or at your private room, once you have progressed far enough in the story. Once unlocked you can use either location to send Palico’s out on a safari to gather materials.

Although you can start using this feature immediately, if you want to maximize benefits you need to build your crew. The Palico that are chosen to go on your Tailraider Safari are randomized. They are taken from a pool that includes premade Palico, as well as your Squad mates and Guild Cards you have.

Choosing Your Safari Squad

Choosing Your Safari Squad
When you start a Tailraider Safari, you are given the option of choosing a team. These teams vary each time and will increase in variety as you progress. As you can see above this particular squad has Rank 3 Hunting, Rank 5 Gathering and Rank 4 Research. These activities are specific to the activities available on any given trail. The destinations are the same regardless of the team you choose so pick any random team and check the available destinations before making a final decision.

Choosing Your Safari Destination

Choosing Your Safari Destination
This particular time I discovered that nearly all of the destination options were combat based. Making my Rank 5 Gathering and Rank 4 Research almost entirely useless. Based on the Rank 3 Hunting my squad has, I need to choose carefully. None of the options in Coral Highlands were great as they all had Rank 4 combat tasks in each Route. Instead I chose the Wildspire Waste as the routes in that featured lower Ranked monsters.


Monster Hunter World Tailraider Safari Guide - Results
The results are random, but within specific parameters. For example, as you can see above. The final stage for my Tailraider team was a Rank 4 Legiana. They were victorious and I was rewarded with 4 Legiana Hides. Other items are available, but most are specific to the monster or task they are completing.

There are some other very rare items. This is currently the only known method of getting the Sinister Cloth, which makes an incredible armor set.

If you have any questions regarding our Monster Hunter World Tailraider Safari Guide, please post a comment below.

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